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Viewers devastated by "heartbreaking" Come Home ending

That final scene between Christopher Eccleston's Greg and Paula Malcomson's Marie really had people choked up

"But you won?"


"We both lost."

Those were the heartbreaking words between Greg (Christopher Eccleston) and Marie (Paula Malcomson) after their bitter custody battle in the finale episode of Come Home. The three-parter ended up in a bleak courtroom where runaway mum Marie fought for access to her daughters, while Greg faced losing the kids he'd been protecting and raising all on his own.

It was a hard thing to watch – but viewers were impressed by the ending, even if it left them sobbing...

That powerful final scene left viewers reeling, as Marie offered an olive branch to Greg.

Despite being awarded custody she recognised his heartache and his relationship with the kids, offering to split Laura and Molly's time with him. It was a moment when they both looked back on their family life together and the wreckage of their marriage.

Cursed Child writer Jack Thorne was extremely impressed:

Of course, some people were disappointed in the drama: furious at the characters for the choices they made – and the way they justified their actions.

But, as others pointed out, isn't that actually the point?

In fact, many viewers were left in tears by the "moving" and "heartbreaking" conclusion:


This article was originally published on 11 April 2018


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