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Victoria's Daisy Goodwin can't bring herself to actually kill off Lord M

Rufus Sewell's politician wasn't very well in his last episode, but it seems he's not been officially offed just yet...

Rufus Sewell returns as Lord M in Victoria
Published: Tuesday, 12th September 2017 at 10:45 am

ITV may have confirmed that Rufus Sewell will not return to Victoria but we’re not entirely convinced that we’ve seen the last of Lord M.


You see Victoria screenwriter Daisy Goodwin has admitted that she hasn’t actually killed the Queen’s beloved former Prime Minister off, because she quite simply couldn’t bear to wave goodbye to him.

“It is the end of Lord M? Well, it should be – the real Lord M died in 1848. However, the problem with an imaginary hero is that they are immortal. I can tell myself that it is all over, but every time I imagine writing more Victoria I can feel him creeping into my consciousness”, she said in The Times.

Goodwin was writing of her own mental love-affair with the character, whom she admits she found herself speaking to while writing his scenes.

“I suppose for the sake my sanity and my marriage I should really say goodbye to the man I love” she admitted. “I fully intended in this series to kill him off, but when it came to it, I found that I just couldn’t do it. I have left, in my own head certainly, a sliver of hope. I am not ready to break my own heart.”

We’re sure fans of Sewell’s Lord M will hold on to that sliver of hope for dear life.

And perhaps the man from Brocket Hall and his beloved orchids can return to the ITV drama after all?

We can but dream.


Victoria continues on ITV on Sunday nights at 9pm


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