Maisie Williams (of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones fame) headlines Sky Originals black comedy Two Weeks To Live, which follows a young misfit, Kim, who is accidentally duped into thinking that humanity only has two more weeks to live.


Fleabag star Sian Clifford also joins the cast as Kim's controlling mother who attempts to catch up with her daughter alongside a bunch of gangsters and bent coppers.

Here's everything you need to know about the cast and characters in Two Weeks To Live.

Maisie Williams plays Kim

Two Weeks To Live
Maisie Williams plays Kim in Two Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Kim? A young woman who witnessed her father's death at the age of six. Over a decade later, she's ventured out of the isolated Scottish home she shares with her controlling, survivalist mother and has set out to experience the 'real world' before it ends, while hopefully avenging her father's murder along the way.

Where have I seen Maisie Williams before? Game of Thrones viewers have watched Williams grow up on the HBO fantasy drama, playing the role of Arya Stark, who transforms from privileged tomboy into deadly assassin.

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Asides from Game of Thrones, she's starred in a variety of roles on projects like Doctor Who, The Falling, iBoy, and the upcoming The New Mutants.

Sian Clifford plays Tina

Two Weeks To Live
Sian Clifford plays Tina in Two Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Tina? Kim's mother, who's brought her daughter up in the middle of nowhere, completely isolated from the outside world, while providing her with some bizarre survival techniques including 'pollution pills' (that look suspiciously like TicTacs). In episode one, Tina returns from deer hunting to realise that Kim has disappeared with the Jeep.

Where have I seen Sian Clifford before? Best known as the practically-perfect, uptight Claire in Fleabag, Clifford has also starred in Vanity fair (as Martha Crawley), Liar, Hitmen, and more recently as the real-life Diana Ingram in ITV drama Quiz.

Mawaan Rizwan plays Nicky

Two Weeks To Live
Mawaan Rizwan plays Nicky (R) in Two Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Nicky? A young man who studied English Literature at university, but who remains clueless about social interaction - and women. Kim walks into his and his brother Jay's local pub in episode one, kicking off a dangerous chain of events.

Where have I seen Mawaan Rizwan before? Rizwan has starred in Next of Kin, Murdered By My Father, and How Gay Is Pakistan. He's also credited as a writer on Netflix's Sex Education.

Taheen Modak plays Jay

Two Weeks To Live
Taheen Modak plays Jay inTwo Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Jay? Nicky's brother, Jay plays an ill-judged prank on Kim - one which backfires spectacularly.

Where have I seen Taheen Modak before? Modak has starred in Van Der Valk, and as D.C Ahmed 'Med' Kharim in The Bay.

Sean Pertwee plays Jimmy

Two Weeks To Live
John Pertwee plays Jimmy in Two Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Jimmy? First seen at the end of episode one, Jimmy is the crime boss whom Kim believes killed her father.

Where have I seen Sean Pertwee before? Pertwee has cropped up in a good deal of projects, including most recently: The Pale Horse (as Inspector Stanley Lejeune), Prodigal Son, Gotham (as Alfred Pennyworth), Elementary (as Gareth Lestrade), and The Reckoning.

Jason Flemyng plays Brooks

Two Weeks To Live
Jason Flemyng plays Brooks in Two Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Brooks? A ruthless (but funny) bent copper who is corrupting his younger colleague.

Where have I seen Jason Flemyng before? The actor has starred in the likes of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. More recently he's starred in Pennyworth, Save Me, and in the Guy Pearce version of A Christmas Carol (as the mute Ghost of Christmas Future).

Thalissa Teixeira plays Thompson

Two Weeks To Live
Thalissa Teixeira plays Thompson in Two Weeks To Live Sky

Who is Thompson? Brooks' colleague and a police officer.

Where have I seen Thalissa Teixeira before? The actor recently played Gemma in polyamory drama Trigonometry. She's also starred in Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (as Rosie's nanny), and TV series The Musketeers (as Sylvie).


The first episode of Two Weeks To Live will air on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 on Sky One and later NOW TV. Sign up for a seven-day free trial of NOW TV's Entertainment Pass, autorenews at £8.99 a month until 31st August 2020, £9.99 thereafter unless cancelled.