Kevin Hart has brought another hit series to Netflix.


True Story follows an internationally popular comedian known as The Kid, played by Hart, who enjoys a night out in Philadelphia.

However, The Kid is soon left in a desperate position as he searches for a way out of one dire situation.

Amid the turmoil, The Kid’s brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) threatens to sabotage The Kid’s best-laid plans and damage his success.

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However, one question that many will be asking is whether the character of The Kid is in fact based on a real person.

Is The Kid in Netflix's True Story based on a real person?

True Story starring Kevin Hart

The Kid is not based on a real individual and the events in the series are fictional but the character was written to have similarities with actor Kevin Hart.

True Story creator Eric Newman confirmed that the character was written as being close to Hart but placed into extreme circumstances that force him to get more desperate.

Speaking to The New York Times, Newman commented: “His version of existential threat might be different than yours or mine.

“I might perhaps be driven to do something horrible if my children were in jeopardy.

“In the case of a celebrity, a famous person, if you take their career away, that is a fate worse than death.”

Hart also told the publication that he shared with Newman his “world” and how in it everybody is “giving you their energy”.

He also admitted that he has faced temptations for bad behaviour as a world-famous comedian like The Kid does at points in the series.

Meanwhile, the character of Carlton shares only small similarities to Hart’s real-life brother, Robert.

True Story is available now on Netflix.


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