Kevin Hart might have a hugely successful comedy background, but he has turned his hand to drama in his new Netflix show, True Story.


Hart plays a close-to-home role in True Story – a stand-up comedian called the Kid enjoying his success after a part in a billion-dollar superhero movie – who returns home in triumph to Philadelphia.

However, his success is threatened when a wild night out with his brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) goes disastrously wrong. Kid wakes up in the early hours only to see the lifeless body of a woman named Daphne, and he and Carlton are forced to think fast before his life and career is left in tatters.

The question is: what exactly happened that night? Read on for all the details on what happens to The Kid and Carlton in the True Story ending.

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True Story ending explained

The final chapter of True Story packs a twist that some fans may have seen coming, but fundamentally changes everything that we were initially told about the premise of the series.

Kid learns that Daphne, the woman who he believed had died in his bed days earlier, is actually named Simone and is very much alive.

She is an on-again off-again lover of his older brother, Carlton, who had agreed to be part of a scam that would see them fool Kid into thinking he was implicated in a suspicious death in order to extort money from him.

To pull off the hustle, they colluded with gangster Ari, later revealed to be a secret fan of Kid's work, through whom they would launder the money.

True Story Wesley Snipes Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in True Story ADAM ROSE/NETFLIX

Unfortunately, they didn't bargain on Kid having an extreme response to the $6 million demand made by Ari in return for covering up Daphne's faux demise.

The movie star strangles Ari to death in his hotel suite, with Carlton having little choice but to help him dispose of the body – though it's fair to say the clueless brothers don't do a very professional job.

They simply throw Ari's corpse into a dumpster, where he is soon found by police who open a formal investigation into his death, while the gangster's family aim to track down their brother's killer and take their revenge.

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Obsessive fan Gene witnesses Kid and Carlton dumping the body and records a video on his phone, so the comedian makes his dreams come true by welcoming him into his entourage and giving him VIP treatment to appease him.

Gene eventually agrees to delete the video but Carlton still feels uneasy about how much he knows.

True Story starring Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart in True Story ADAM ROSE/NETFLIX

Spotting a way to kill two birds with one stone, Carlton points Ari's ruthless brothers, Savvas and Nikos, in Gene's direction, making the naive fan look like the guilty party by gifting him an expensive watch he had stolen off the gangster's body.

The brothers torture Gene, who takes the blame for Ari's murder in his dying breath, leaving them satisfied for a short while, but they realise they've been played after finding video footage of Kid and Gene online.

Believing themselves to be out of the woods, Kid and Carlton have some celebratory drinks, with their rocky relationship seemingly strengthened by this whole terrible ordeal.

But when Carlton passes out drunk, Kid finds texts on his phone from Simone (aka Daphne) and is horrified to discover that the catalyst for this crisis was constructed by his own brother.

The next day, they go to watch a basketball game from a private VIP booth, where Kid tells Carlton he knows and cuts him off for good – but as they are leaving, they are attacked by Savvas and Nikos.

Kevin Hart stars in Netflix drama True Story
Kevin Hart stars in Netflix drama True Story Netflix

Kid and Carlton run through the maintenance corridors of the stadium but eventually reach a dead end, resulting in a stand-off between the two sets of brothers.

Savvas and Nikos believe them both to be unarmed and so drop their guard for a moment, only for Kid to pull out a gun and shoot them both directly in the forehead – extraordinary aim for an entertainer!

Carlton springs into action, assuring his brother he can smooth all this over, but Kid shoots him dead too, with all trust worn away by his deception.

Kid arranges the scene to make it look as if the gangsters had killed Carlton, as well as pinning Ari's murder on his late brother – a story which the authorities and his fanbase seem to accept.

The series ends with Kid doing a television interview in which he feigns ignorance about all of his brother's illicit deals, hoping only to move ahead with his life and career, becoming the best man he can be.

The actor also discusses the extreme lengths a person will go to in order to save their own skin, which those around him will interpret as a comment about his brother, but of course, is really a statement about his own survival instinct.


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