Once again, Reese Witherspoon's production company Hello Sunshine has turned its hand to adapting a major bestseller for the small screen, and this time round, it's comedy-drama Tiny Beautiful Things.


With a cast led by Kathryn Hahn, the series follows her character Clare as she's navigating a particularly tumultuous time in her life but is asked by a friend to take over an advice column. Initially hesitant to do so, Clare takes the task on, pushing herself to give others advice even though she doesn't feel in a strong enough place to do so.

In the midst of it, she has to push herself through these darker moments, while also exploring memories from her own past, giving us hints of humour and sadness throughout.

As well as leading the cast, Hahn is one of the series' executive producers alongside Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter, Laura Dern, Jayme Lemons, Cheryl Strayed and Stacey Silverman.

Speaking about the upcoming series, Neustadter said at the US premiere event: "I'm so excited for the world to see this show. I think this show is so singular, and so beautiful and there's so many levels and layers.

"It has a richness to it and I think there's nothing like it. I can’t wait for them to see it because we know how special it is. I can't wait for the world to find out."

With the series landing on Disney Plus this week, read on for everything you need to know about it including who else stars in the show and the trailer.

Tiny Beautiful Things release date

All eight episodes of the series will be available on Friday 7th April exclusively on Disney Plus in the UK.

You can sign up to Disney Plus now for £79.90 for a year or £7.99 a month.

Tiny Beautiful Things cast

Tiny Beautiful Things
Danny Kincade (Quentin Plair) and Clare (Kathryn Hahn) in Tiny Beautiful Things. Jessica Brooks/Hulu

The full cast list for Tiny Beautiful Things is as follows.

  • Kathryn Hahn as Clare
  • Sarah Pidgeon as young Clare
  • Quentin Plair as Danny
  • Tanzyn Crawford as Rae
  • Merritt Wever as Frankie
  • Owen Painter
  • Elizabeth Hinkler
  • Michaela Watkins
  • Aneasa Yacoub
  • Johnny Berchtold

Hahn (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, WandaVision) of course leads the cast as Clare, our chaotic protagonist whose life and personal relationships are on the decline and who takes up the mantle of being an advice columnist. Her younger self is played by Sarah Pidgeon, who is known for her roles in Gotham and The Wilds.

Clare's husband Danny is played by Quentin Plair (Welcome to Chippendales) while their daughter Rae is played by Tanzyn Crawford (Alexander).

We also see a lot of Clare's mother Frankie in flashbacks throughout the series, and she is played by Merritt Wever, who many will recognise for roles in Unbelievable, Nurse Jackie and Godless.

Tiny Beautiful Things plot

Tiny Beautiful Things
Tiny Beautiful Things: Clare (Kathryn Hahn) Huli/Disney Plus

The comedy-drama is based on the 2012 book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed and has been adapted for the small screen by Liz Tigelaar (Little Fires Everywhere).

The best-selling essay collection follows Clare, a floundering writer who becomes a revered advice columnist while her own life is falling apart. While it isn't a memoir based on Strayed's life, Strayed has stated that she does share some similarities with Hahn's character.

Strayed similarly took over the advice column “Dear Sugar” for the online literary magazine The Rumpus and for two years, Strayed responded to anonymous letters detailing everything from relationship ends to being a parent.

According to the synopsis for the series, we first meet Clare as her marriage to husband Danny is barely limping along and her teenage daughter, Rae, is pushing her away. Her once-promising writing career is also non-existent and what unfolds in the series is set to be a touching rollercoaster of emotions.

"So when an old writing pal asks her to take over as the advice columnist Dear Sugar, she thinks she has no business giving anyone advice," the synopsis reads.

"After reluctantly taking on the mantle of Sugar however, Clare's life unfurls in a complex fabric of memory, exploring her most pivotal moments from childhood through present day, and excavating the beauty, struggle, and humour in her unhealed wounds."

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It adds: "Through Sugar, Clare forms a salve for her readers – and for herself – to show us that we are not beyond rescue, that our stories can ultimately save us. And, perhaps, bring us back home."

If you're also thinking that Strayed's name seems familiar when paired with the likes of Reese Witherspoon (and Laura Dern), you're not mistaken.

The pair previously teamed up on the 2014 film adaptation of Strayed 2012 memoir, Wild. The book has sold over four million copies and the film followed Witherspoon (as Strayed), a recently divorced woman who begins to discover herself as she embarks on the 1,100 mile-long Pacific Crest Trail.

Is there a trailer for Tiny Beautiful Things?

There is and we see how Clare's life may seem slightly all over the place but a new job and introspection about the past leads to some pretty revelatory moments in the present.

Watch the trailer below.

Tiny Beautiful Things premieres on Disney Plus on Friday 7th April. Sign up to Disney Plus now for £79.90 for a year or £7.99 a month.

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