At the beginning of January, Netflix released the first season of Belgian period drama Thieves of the Wood – a show which follows Flemish highwayman Jan de Lichte as he revolts against the corrupt Austrian aristocracy in 18th century Belgium.


Those that have already binge-watched all 10 episodes of the Dutch-language series know that the last episode saw Jan de Lichte’s demise, but is there a possibility that the period drama could return for a second season?

Will there be a second season of Thieves of the Wood?

The first series ended as the book did - with Jan’s torture and execution at the hands of French guard Baru, so at first glance it seems unlikely that we would see Thieves of the Wood renewed for a second season.

That being said, the possibility of a second season cannot be ruled out. There have been television series based on a single book which have expanded beyond the original narrative. The Handmaid’s Tale, which is based on a book of the same name by Margaret Atwood, was renewed for a fourth season last year, and a second season of US drama Big Little Lies was made despite the lack of a sequel to its source material.

Thieves of the Wood could also return in the form of an anthology series, in the same way that Starz’s period drama The Spanish Princess is a sequel series to The White Queen on BBC One. A second season could tell the story of a different Belgian historical figure or a similar type of character during another period of time.

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Depending on the popularity of the show on Netflix, a spin-off series may also be created which follows one of the remaining characters.

What is Thieves of the Wood about?

Thieves of the Wood – also known as De Bende Van Jan De Lichte – follows 18th century charismatic gang leader Jan de Lichte, who returns from war to find his hometown taken over by a corrupt mayor and the sick and poor exiled to a nearby forest.

Thieves of the Wood

He decides to lead a revolt against the Austrian-led occupation of Belgium and steal from the rich classes to give to the oppressed.

The costume drama is based on the real-life south-Dutch gang leader Jan de Lichte and the novel he inspired by Louis Paul Boon – ‘De gang of Jan de Lichte’.

Flemish filmmakers Robin Pront and Maarten Moerkerke directed the series, which was filmed in regions of Belgium in 2016 and 2017.


Who is in the Thieves of the Wood cast?

Belgian actor Matteo Simoni plays main character Jan De Lichte, while Flemish actor Stef Aerts is Tincke – the gang’s original leader and Jan’s right-hand man. Charlotte Timmers plays Jan’s love interest Heloise and Tom Van Dyck is Baru, the city guard hoping to capture Jan.