Viewers crown Kate Beckinsale’s ponytail the star of The Widow after underwhelming finale

The actresses's "humidity-defying" hairdo was the biggest talking point in the final episode

The Widow (ITV)

ITV drama The Widow has come to an end, and let’s just say many viewers have been more impressed by star Kate Beckinsale’s “humidity-defying” ponytail – which remained stylish and bouncy throughout three weeks on the run in the Democratic Republic of Congo – than they have by the ‘confusing’ plot lines.


The series saw Beckinsale’s Georgia attempting to uncover how and why her husband Will had apparently faked his death in a plane crash. She finally discovered that General Azikiwe’s (Babs Olusanmokun) and Will’s ex Judith (Alex Kingston) had committed human rights violations and that the former had orchestrated the plane crash to kill off a rival.

But some viewers were not convinced by the conclusion.

“I am none the wiser what happened to Will,” Hannah Thompson wrote on Twitter, “but thank the lord that is over with and we can all move on with our lives.”

But a huge number of people felt the need to praise Georgia’s ponytail, which had been a talking point throughout the series.

“Well the award for best performance goes to Georgia’s ponytail for always remaining consistently on point,” Steph Wilko wrote. “Bouncy perfect curls with no frizz despite the heat and humidity of the Congo. Quite amazing.”

User @NatalieLFisher added: “pretty sure Georgia’s humidity defying ponytail is the most believable element of the show.”

There’s a lot more where that came from, too…

Turns out you can’t please everyone, though…


The Widow is now streaming on ITV Hub