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The West Wing cast met for dinner – but are they really “talking reboot”?

Some of the actors and behind-the-scenes team from the acclaimed political drama met with creator Aaron Sorkin, and something might be afoot

Published: Thursday, 12th July 2018 at 12:17 pm

The current political situation in America has many people wishing to go back to a simpler time, when the US President seemed infallible, all his staff were hardworking patriots and it never felt like things could really get too bad.


No, we’re not talking about the Barack Obama presidency – we’re of course referring to the left-wing wish fulfilment of TV drama The West Wing, which depicted the political trials of President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his staff and became one of the biggest shows in the world during its 1999-2006 run.

Back then, the series was seen as an antidote to the real-life Bush administration, so many have wondered – in these current political times, couldn’t the show return to fulfil a similar function?

And it’s looking increasingly like the series could actually make a comeback. Creator Aaron Sorkin has hinted for years he’d be interested in bringing The West Wing back (possibly with actor Sterling K. Brown involved), and more recently revealed that US network NBC had asked him to come up with some sort of reboot.

Now Josh Malina (who played Will Bailey on the series) has revealed that a number of the cast recently met for dinner, where – if his caption is to be believed – they may have actually discussed the reboot more concretely.

In the picture, Malina and Sorkin are joined by series stars Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney among others, and suggest they’re “talking reboot” over their food.


Whether this is a serious meeting, some idle chat or just a joke about old friends catching up, one thing is for sure – it’s certainly going to excite the fans who are still holding out hope for The West Wing’s return.


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