New BBC drama The Way comes from the creative team of Michael Sheen, James Graham and Adam Curtis, and tells a large-scale, ambitious story of modern life in the UK through the prism of an ordinary family.


It stars the likes of Steffan Rhodri, Callum Scott Howells, Sophie Melville and Sheen himself, while Luke Evans, Georgia Tennant and Patrick Baladi are amongst those who also make appearances throughout.

The story is an incredibly personal one for Sheen, as it is set in his home town. But just where is that, and where was the series filmed?

Read on for everything you need to know about the settings and filming locations for The Way.

Where is The Way set?

The cast of The Way in episode 1, protesting with placards saying Save Our Steel
The cast of The Way. BBC/Red Seam/Jon Pountney

The Way starts out in Port Talbot, a town and community in Wales, which is also director and co-creator Michael Sheen's hometown.

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When the project was first announced, Sheen said: "I’m so excited to be telling this global story through the prism of my hometown and its community as we dig into the rollercoaster ride of our recent past and the mysterious depths that lay beneath."

However, the series doesn't stay in Port Talbot, as it follows the Driscoll family having to flee the area after a civil uprising. This means parts of the series also take place throughout England, as the family make their way out of Wales and through the rest of the UK.

Where was The Way filmed?

Callum Scott Howells as Owen in The Way, wearing a hoodie and stood by a telegraph pole in front of a house
Callum Scott Howells as Owen in The Way. BBC/Red Seam/Jon Pountney

As well as being set in Port Talbot, the series was also shot almost entirely in and around the area. In a behind-the-scenes video for Neath Port Talbot Council, Sheen said: "It's been incredible to tell this story here in a place that I grew up in, that I know so well.

"One of the brilliant things about this area is that there's such an amazing range of landscapes and places to film in. We've been able to tell a story that takes place across the whole of the United Kingdom but to shoot it all here."

Sheen also explained that the show used supporting artists from the local community in scenes, and praised their commitment to the show.

On The Graham Norton Show, Sheen explained some of the difficulties of filming in his home town, saying that while he was directing, people would come up to him and ask: "Michael, can you do anything about the bins?"

He continued: "People I know are coming up going 'Oh, Michael, how are you, are you alright?' It's quite hard to concentrate on the directing."

Filming is also reported to have taken place at Shire Hall in Monmouth.

The Way will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Monday 19th February, and will air on BBC One from 9pm.

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