Matthew Weiner, the man behind Mad Men, is back with another high concept series: The Romanoffs is an anthology drama featuring eight separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family. (Hey, Mad Men didn’t sound too appealing on paper either).


Each story in the new Amazon TV show will take place an entirely new location with a whole new cast – meaning that every week there will be a fresh cast of characters to discover.

But to save you some confusion, we’ve broken down the key stars for each episode below. Find out more about the new Prime Video series ahead of the first episode on Friday 12th October.

Episode 1: The Violet Hour

Release date: Friday 12th October

Set in Paris, an ancestral home holds the key to a family’s future. Find out more about the cast below...

Aaron Eckhart plays Greg

Aaron Eckhart and Marthe Keller star in The Romanoffs episode 1, The Violet Hour (Amazon)

Who is Aaron Eckhart?

Having made his name as part of Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed Erin Brockovich in 2000, Aaron Eckhart is now best known for his role as Harvey Dent (AKA Two-Face) in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight. Beyond then, he has also scored roles in films such as Olympus Has Fallen and Sully.

Marthe Keller plays Anushka

Who is Marthe Keller?

Marthe Keller is a Swiss actor and opera director best known in the English-speaking screen world for her Golden Globe-nominated role as Elsa (Dustin Hoffman’s character’s girlfriend) in 1976 thriller Marathon Man.

Other parts include her performance as an Arab terrorist who leads an attack on the Super Bowl in 1977’s Black Sunday; a role alongside Al Pacino in racing movie Bobby Deerfield (1977); and another with William Holden in Billy Wilder romance Fedora in 1978.

She has also starred into various plays and dramas in her native Switzerland, and has performed in and directed operas that have been staged all over the world.

Inès Melab plays Hajar

Marthe Keller and Inès Melab in The Romanoffs episode 1, The Violet Hour (Amazon)

Who is Inès Melab?

Inès Melab is a relatively unknown French actress whose biggest role so far has been a recurring one in France’s Agathe Koltès, a drama about a police commander who takes up a post in a small town, only to find herself reconnecting with her daughter.

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Louise Bourgoin plays Sophie

Louise Bourgoin actress

Who is Louise Bourgoin?

Louise Bourgoin is a French television presenter and actress who has appeared in various films in France, including a starring role in Luc Besson’s 2010 fantasy The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec. In 2013 she featured in British comedy The Love Punch alongside Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson.

Episode 2: The Royal We

Release date: Friday 12th October

With their marriage in a rut, a couple finds their own temptations. Find out more about the cast below...

Corey Stoll plays Michael Romanov

Corey Stoll and Janet Montgomery in The Romanoffs episode two, The Royal We (Amazon)

Who is Corey Stoll?

Corey Stoll has appeared in various TV shows and films but his biggest and most recognisable role is a coin-toss between politician Peter Russo in Netflix’s House of Cards, and as supervillain Yellowjacket in 2015 film Ant-Man.

Kerry Bishé plays Shelly

Who is Kerry Bishé?

American actress Kerry Bishé has three main claims to fame. 1: She became the lead actor/narrator in the final season of US sitcom Scrubs, taking over from Zach Braff‘s JD. 2: She featured in Ben Affleck’s critically acclaimed film Argo as captive Kathy Stafford. 3: She played the lead role of Donna Clark in the highly praised AMC series Halt and Catch Fire.

Janet Montgomery plays Michelle Westbrook

Who is Janet Montgomery?

Big fans of teen drama Skins may recognise Janet Montgomery as the mysterious girl that leads Tony astray in the episode 2008 episode ‘Tony’.

Elsewhere, she has landed recurring roles in big US dramas Entourage (as Jennie) and recent hit This Is Us (as Olivia).

Noah Wyle plays Ivan

Noah Wyle and Kerry Bishé in The Romanoffs episode 2, The Royal We (Amazon)

Who is Noah Wyle?

Noah Wyle’s most recognisable role was as Carter in 90s medical drama phenomenon ER, which he played for 11 seasons. His biggest role since has been as the lead in cult post-apocalyptic alien thriller Falling Skies, which finished in 2015 after five seasons.

Episode 3: House of Special Purpose

Release date: Friday 19th October

A movie star and a director go head to head in a battle over what is real.

Starring Christina Hendricks, Isabelle Huppert, Jack Huston, Mike Doyle and Paul Reiser. Check back for more information soon.

Episode 4: Expectation

Release date: Friday 26th October

Over a single day in New York City a woman is confronted with every lie she ever told.

Starring Amanda Peet, John Slattery, Emily Rudd, Jon Tenney, Mary Kay Place, and Michael O’Neill. Check back for more information soon.

Episode 4: Bright and High Circle

Release date: Friday 2nd November

A trusted friend under suspicion tests the loyalties of a tightly-knit community.

Starring Diane Lane, Ron Livingston, Andrew Rannells, Cara Buono and Nicole Ari Parker. Check back for more information soon.

Episode 5: Panorama

Release date: Friday 9th November

In Mexico City, an idealistic reporter falls in love with his mysterious subject.

Starring Juan Pablo Castañeda, Radha Mitchell and Griffin Dunne. Check back for more information soon.

Episode 6: End of the Line

Release date: Friday 16th November

On a trip abroad to pursue their legacy, a couple faces destruction.

Starring Kathryn Hahn, Jay R. Ferguson, Annet Mahendru and Clea Duvall. Check back for more information soon.

Episode 7: The One That Holds Everything

Release date: Friday 23rd November

In a story that circles the globe, a man tries to escape a family curse.


Starring Hugh Skinner, Adèle Anderson, Hera Hilmar, Ben Miles and JJ Feild. Check back for more information soon.