Sky original drama The Rising follows Neve Kelly, a young woman who wakes up disoriented in the wilderness one morning and soon discovers she has been murdered.


By some supernatural occurrence, her spirit has remained on Earth but cannot be seen by her living family and friends, leaving her alone with the macabre challenge of uncovering who is responsible for her death.

Clara Rugaard (of Netflix's I Am Mother) takes the lead role, playing recently deceased motocross driver Neve, while the supporting cast includes Matthew McNulty (Doctor Who), Emily Taaffe (The Beast Must Die) and Alex Lanipekun (Riviera) as her grieving relatives.

The Rising is based on a Belgian crime thriller titled Hotel Beau Séjour, which ran for two seasons to strong reviews from critics, counting horror novelist Stephen King among its fans.

We'll know soon whether this remake can match up. Here's everything you need to know about The Rising on Sky Max and NOW.

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The Rising release date

The Rising will premiere on Sky Max and NOW on Friday 22nd April 2022.

The show was initially announced to be launching on Friday 11th March, as was stated at the time the first trailer dropped, but its release was later delayed by just over a month.

The Rising cast

Solly McLeod and Clara Rugaard in The Rising
Solly McLeod and Clara Rugaard in The Rising SEAC

Clara Rugaard leads the cast of this supernatural thriller, having previously landed on the radar of sci-fi fans with her Netflix original film I Am Mother, which co-starred Hilary Swank.

She plays rebellious teenager and motocross champ Neve Kelly, who wakes up in the woods one morning and later comes to the horrifying realisation that she is dead.

"I think that Neve is essentially a big fish in a very small pond, and I think that thought is terrifying," said Rugaard. "It's that whole creature of habit thing."

She continued: "This is what she's known, The people that she loves are there, but she wants more. there's this internal struggle that Neve carries with her throughout the show."

Emily Taaffe plays Neve's loving mother Maria, while Alex Lanipekun plays her step-father Daniel, with whom she also has a strong relationship.

Neve's biological father Tom (played by Deadwater Fell's Matthew McNulty) is also still around, but struggles with alcohol abuse and is often not the supportive figure she needs him to be.

Rounding out the cast of The Rising is Solly McLeod as Neve's boyfriend Joe, Nenda Neururer as her friend Alex and The Demon Headmaster star Nicholas Gleaves.

What is The Rising about?

Matthew McNulty in The Rising
Matthew McNulty in The Rising SEAC

The Rising follows the mission of murdered woman Neve Kelly, who finds herself wandering the mortal plain after her apparently violent death.

With no memories of her final hours, she is determined to find out exactly what happened to her and ensure her murderer is punished, but that could prove difficult with little connecting her to the world of the living.

The Rising is an eight-episode original series for Sky Max and NOW subscribers.

The Rising trailer

The first trailer for Sky's The Rising dropped in January 2022, setting up the central mystery of the series and introducing the main cast of characters. Check it out below.

The Rising premieres on Sky Max and NOW on Friday 22nd April 2022. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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