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The Replacement viewers had lots to say after that "confusing" finale

The twisty BBC1 thriller left many viewers frustrated as it reached its conclusion

Published: Thursday, 26th July 2018 at 10:34 am

Tuesday night saw the final episode of shocking BBC thriller The Replacement, where Morven Christie’s Ellen finally took on rival Paula (Vicky McClure) in a story thick with twists and turns.


However, many viewers have described themselves as “disappointed” with how the series ended, citing sometimes unbelievable plot turns and confusing resolutions that left them scratching their heads.

For the most part, viewers were just confused about the series’ ending, which involved a mix of hotwired airbags, unexplained arrests and sort-of A-Team shenanigans that left fans at home reeling.

Still, not to worry – we sat down with the show’s writer Joe Ahearne to clear up a few of these mysteries, and he helped shed light on exactly what happened between Paula and Ellen as well as revealing a different ending that might have appeared instead.

And who knows? Maybe now that we’ve all had a good sleep or another watch on iPlayer, it might be a little clearer exactly what happened. Fingers crossed.


You can read our full interview with The Replacement creator and writer Joe Ahearne below.

7 unanswered questions about The Replacement – explained by the show's writer


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