The Morning Show is looking to replace Steve Carell for season 2

The actor only has a one year deal

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Apple TV+’s flagship drama The Morning Show hasn’t even arrived yet, but producers are already looking to replace lead Steve Carell for its second season.


The series was picked up for a two-season, 20-episode run from the get-go, with the first 10 episodes set to arrive on Friday 1st November, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Carell only signed up to a one year deal.

Producers on the show are reportedly searching for a “high-profile male lead” to fill his shoes for the show’s second season, meaning it’s likely we’ll see Carell’s character, news anchor Mitch Kessler, written out during the show’s first run.

If the trailer for the series is anything to go by, Kessler is going to have a tough time of it on the The Morning Show. First, we see his former co-anchor Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) announce that he was fired after an apparent sexual misconduct scandal. He then smashes the TV in anguish.

The rest of the clip positions Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (who plays ambitious younger reporter Bradley Jackson) as the true stars of the show, as the latter goes after the former’s job.


Sad news for us, but it means Carell will have plenty of time to crack on with his Netflix Space Force series, so, every cloud…