Still reeling from that series 2 finale of The Missing? Viewers of BBC Breakfast are: this morning, when the show asked for questions to put to writers Harry and Jack Williams, they received more than 200 via Facebook. A later Twitter Q&A conducted via @BBCOne was also inundated.


The Williams brothers managed to get through several minutes of live TV interview without giving too much away for those who are yet to catch up with Wednesday night's devastating final episode (nevertheless: mild spoilers may follow), but they did bring some clarity to the case of the Webster family and their abducted daughter Alice. Chief among fans' concerns, though, was detective Julien Baptiste, played by Tcheky Karyo. Will we see him again?

“Julien? He’s essential!” said Jack Williams. “He’s a calm Gallic presence in the middle of the storm and the chaos. He’s got a stillness to him that we absolutely love. He’s a French Yoda.”

Further adventures for Julien would, of course, suggest that there is a third series coming. Which there isn't, yet, but the writers weren't ruling it out. “It’ll be a little while, I imagine,” Harry Williams said. “Maybe a little wait, as we pursue other things. It’s got to be the right idea – a story worth telling.” (The brothers already have an ITV drama, Liar, on its way.)

Watch the full clip – which clears up a few other loose ends, such as how much Adrian Stone really remembers – below.

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The Williams brothers picked up again on these themes – and answered many, many more questions – on Twitter, via the hashtag #AskJackandHarry. Here are the highlights (SPOILERS)...

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The Missing series 2 finale is available on BBC iPlayer