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The Bay aired its series finale – but viewers still have lots of unanswered questions

We finally found out who killed Dylan Meredith - but there were plenty of loose ends

The Bay - Morven Christie
Published: Thursday, 25th April 2019 at 11:59 am

**Warning: spoilers ahead**

After six agonising weeks of twists and turns, detective Lisa Armstrong (Morvern Christie) uncovered who was responsible for the murder of Dylan Meredith in ITV's The Bay.


Despite Holly Meredith (Darci Shaw) leaving us all open-mouthed in last week’s episode when she confessed to murdering her brother, it soon transpired she was shielding the real killer.

Armstrong discovered the truth when she went to visit Sam (Louis Greatorex). Upon trying to give the struggling student money, she discovered an ultrasound photo in his wallet.

Sam admitted that he and Holly were planning to run away to Manchester together after she discovered she was pregnant, and Dylan was trying to stop them leaving.

In a heated argument, Sam punched Dylan, who was killed as he hit his head on a concrete step.

But the truth left viewers scratching their heads more than ever, as they took to Twitter to find answers to their questions.

Some asked how the body had been moved to the beach so discreetly...

Others were keen to discover "strange bloke" Vincent’s ‘relevance’ to the series, as it quickly became clear his drug dealing ring was a red herring.

Some were a little nonplussed at the apparent irrelevance to the plot of Armstrong’s son Rob (Art Parkinson) and his infatuation with performing a series of increasingly dangerous dares and games.

But could the apparent loose ends – including whether Armstrong was going to get her job back following her suspension – simply be a deliberate set-up for series two?

There is no news yet about whether ITV will commission a second series of The Bay, but writer Daragh Carville is "really hoping" it's on the cards.

"It was always conceived as a show that could return," he told "It also works as a single story, but I think there are lots of other stories that can be told."


The Bay is available to watch on the ITV Hub


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