Will there be a second series of The Bay?

Writer Daragh Carville says he is "really hoping" for another series of the ITV crime drama

The Bay - Morven Christie

What a satisfying ending. ITV’s The Bay delivered a final episode in which all the story arcs came full circle, with the truth laid bare about the twins’ disappearance and DS Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) finally mending her relationship with her own troubled teenagers.


But while the six episodes work as a standalone drama, we’re also left wanting more…

Will there be a second series of The Bay?

The Bay

There is no news yet about whether ITV will commission a second series, but writer Daragh Carville is “really hoping” for another series of The Bay.

“It was always conceived as a show that could return,” he told RadioTimes.com. “It also works as a single story, but I think there are lots of other stories that can be told.”

The ending of series one leaves space for Morven Christie to return as DS Lisa Armstrong, if she survives the investigation and the police hearing. But with her future in the police force uncertain after her suspension, there is also space for a new character to take over the role of family liaison officer for Morecambe Police.

“I think the idea of the show, given that it’s orchestrated around a family liaison officer – so the idea of the show is that in principle, if it were to go again, each year you would have a new crime and a new family for our family liaison officer,” Carville said.

“But still in Morecambe. Though I’ve got to say, there were days, when you were kind of soaking wet, where we would sort of talk with the cast and crew – ‘maybe if we get a second series, we’ll do a different bay.’


“So, series two is Naples. Somewhere a bit sunnier,” he joked, before adding: “but no, it’s always got to be Morecambe.”