How far would you go for love? For Mark Strong's character Daniel Milton, a desperate mission to save his wife from life-threatening illness takes him deep underground into the tunnel network beneath Temple tube station in London – where he sets up an illegal clinic...


Here's what you need to know:

When is Temple on TV?

Temple will launch on Sky One and NOW TV on Friday 13th September.

Is there a trailer for Temple?

Yes – take a look at this:

What is Temple about?

Written by Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe, Temple is the story of Daniel Milton (Mark Strong), "a talented surgeon whose world is turned upside-down when his wife, played by Catherine McCormack, develops a life-threatening illness."

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When conventional options for treatment run out, Daniel refuses to accept the prognosis and give up. Instead, he partners with the "obsessive yet surprisingly resourceful misfit Lee" (Daniel Mays) – and together they start a literal "underground" clinic in the vast network of tunnels beneath Temple tube station in London.

According to Sky, "they are soon joined by Anna (Carice Van Houten), a guilt-ridden medical researcher whose past is entangled with Daniel’s, and Jamie, played by Tobi King Bakare (Cursed), a young fugitive bank-robber.

"Daniel does his best to juggle this dysfunctional family as his moral boundaries between being a husband, friend and doctor are challenged. But it soon becomes apparent that it may be him and his desperate actions that finally bring the whole thing crashing down. Just how far will Daniel Milton go for love?"

Who is in the cast of Temple?

Mark Strong, who plays Daniel Milton, has previously appeared in The Imitation Game, The Long Firm and Body of Lies, with recent credits including Deep State (as Max Easton) and Kingsman: The Golden Circle (as Merlin).

His on-screen wife is played by Catherine McCormack, who starred as Murron in Braveheart. Recent TV projects include Genius, Women on the Verge and Life in Squares. McCormack played Lady Carmichael in Sherlock episode The Abominable Bride.

Carice Van Houten, who starred as Melisandre in Game of Thrones, plays guilt-ridden medical researcher Anna.

The cast also includes two Line of Duty alumni, Danny Mays and Craig Parkinson. Mays plays an obsessive but resourceful misfit called Lee.

Tobi King Bakare, who is set to play a fugitive, previously played Josse in the TV series Cursed. (And no, he's not Tobi Bakare of Death in Paradise fame)


The Victim's Chloe Pirrie, Damilola Our Loved Boy star Wunmi Mosaku and Cursed actress Lily Newmark are also set to star.