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Exclusive – Suranne Jones reveals what was cut from Channel 4's I Am Victoria

The I Am Victoria star has divulged which scenes from the Channel 4 drama didn't make it into the final film.

I Am Victoria
Published: Thursday, 5th August 2021 at 10:00 pm

Suranne Jones has revealed that a number of scenes were cut from her upcoming drama I Am Victoria after the cast and crew filmed hour-long takes whilst making the film.


Speaking to, the I Am Victoria star said that "a lot of stuff was cut out" of the final product.

"Me and Ashley [Walters] filmed a wedding scene, so we had a memory of us getting married. Victoria goes to see her mother's grave, which got cut out. There's a part where I lost a child in a supermarket that got cut out."

She added that even though these scenes were cut, it helped her performance because she "had memories of living this anxious life".

The Channel 4 drama, which is the first in a series of films written and created by Dominic Savage, follows the titular Victoria, who appears to lead the perfect life – however, her personal and professional life begins to collapse when her struggle with mental health becomes unbearable.

The Gentleman Jack star appears alongside Top Boy's Ashley Walters and Save Me's Alice Feetham in the hour-long film.

Each instalment of Channel 4's I Am... series is mostly improvised and based on ideas contributed by the lead actor, with Jones drawing on her own experience of being a working mother and her anxiety for the role.

"I’d come home to my husband and say, ‘God, we did a scene today, and it was really raw, because I’ve been through it’, I’d already lived it as me," she told for the Big RT Interview, before adding that she found the experience "cathartic" and "therapeutic".

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I Am Victoria airs on Channel 4 on Thursday (5th August) at 9pm. Read more of our Big RT Interviews. Visit our Drama hub for more news and features, or find something to watch with our TV Guide


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