A mystery that has kept Succession fans guessing for years was finally settled last night, as audiences discovered the tragic fate of Logan Roy's sister, Rose.


The character has been referenced at numerous points throughout the series, with her fate well established as being a very sensitive area for the fearsome media mogul, who passed away towards the start of season 4.

At his funeral, older brother Ewan (James Cromwell) gives a speech that offers a relatively fair assessment of Logan's life and character, as well as lifting the lid on his most guarded family secret.

He explains that, after being evacuated from Scotland to Canada during the Second World War, Logan attended a boarding school for a short time and strongly disliked the experience.

After much complaining, he was eventually sent home, unaware of the fact that he was carrying poliovirus. It wasn't long before his sister came down with a fatal case of the illness.

While there is no way of knowing if Rose caught polio from her brother or from somewhere else entirely, Logan always believed that her death was his fault – something that his abusive uncle Noah drilled into him regularly.

Indeed, the cruel treatment that Logan received as a child from his Canadian guardians is considered by some to be what shaped him into such a cold-hearted man, with Rose's death being a previously unknown tool of torment.

The Roy children showed themselves to have some knowledge of what happened to Rose in season 2, when they tell rival Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter) to mention her name in a toast to Logan. To say it strikes a nerve is an understatement.

The revelation is one of several memorable moments in a dramatic funeral, which also saw Roman break down in hysteria and ultimately seek out harm in the crowds of an angry protest.

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