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Everything you need to know about John Corbett’s widow Steph as she returns to Line of Duty

The second episode of series six saw a couple of returning faces...

Steph Corbett
Published: Sunday, 28th March 2021 at 9:10 pm

Tonight's episode of Line of Duty saw the return of a couple of familiar faces from previous series – and one of those was Amy De Bhrún as Steph Corbett.


Steph was introduced in series five as the wife of rogue undercover cop John Corbett (Stephen Graham), and it looks like she could take on a key significance in the events of this run, so it's probably best to re-familiarise ourselves with exactly what role she's played in the drama so far.

Read on for everything you need to know about Steph Corbett. Make sure to also check out who else stars in the Line of Duty cast this season.

Who is Steph Corbett?

We first met Steph in the second episode of series five, when Kate and Steve visited her in Liverpool to question her about her police officer husband John, who appeared to have gone rouge while working undercover in an Organised Crime Group.

When questioned, Steph appeared to be relatively untroubled by the revelations about his undercover work – and suggested that his main motivation for taking on the job was to abandon his family and indulge in extra-marital affairs. She also let Kate and Steve know that she'd rather he wasn't found.

Later in that episode, however, this version of events was put under scrutiny when we saw a phone call between John and Steph in which he apologised for not contacting her more often, with the pair acting like a couple still in love – it appeared that she had not told Kate and Steve the truth.

When John was murdered later in the series, Steph was unsurprisingly distraught, and she went on to play a huge role in clearing Ted Hastings – by providing Steve and Kate with a secret audio recording of Gill Biggeloe manipulatively telling John that Ted was responsible for his mother's death, which led to Gill's arrest.


At the very end of the final episode, there was one more vital scene involving Steph – which could potentially go on to have major repercussions later in Line of Duty. Ted handed her an envelope, which presumably contained the missing £50,000 that he had been given by the OCG when they were attempting to frame him... perhaps that's a move that Ted may come to regret.

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