We're eagerly anticipating the finale of Line of Duty series six, where fans are hoping we might finally find out the identity of that elusive leader of a corrupt copper network known only as "H".


There are certainly no shortage of suspects as Jed Mercurio's epic drama has introduced a large ensemble of characters over the past decade or so – and his twisty narrative has allowed many surprise returns as of late.

Boardwalk Empire star Kelly Macdonald has wowed audiences as AC-12's latest rival, DCI Joanne Davidson, joining the established and beloved trio of Martin Compston, Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar.

New recruit Shalom Brune-Franklin (as DC Chloe Bishop) has done a great job filling the void left by DI Kate Bishop (McClure), who made the shock decision to leave AC-12 after the events of series five.

We've pulled together a guide to the cast and characters of Line of Duty – for season six, and for previous seasons of the drama. Take a look at the cast below.

Line of Duty cast

Martin Compston plays DI Steve Arnott

Martin Compston plays DS Steve Arnott in Line of Duty

Who is DI Steve Arnott? Formerly an anti-terrorism officer, Arnott transferred to anti-corruption at the start of season one after refusing to cover up a horrifically botched operation. He has become an invaluable asset to AC-12, despite having previously come under scrutiny in season three, and is now an instrumental part of Ted Hastings' team. He's been injured on the job, however, and in season six that injury is hurting him more than ever. For many years he was a Detective Sergeant, but he has recently been promoted to Detective Inspector - pending while all the paperwork goes through.

What else has Martin Compston been in? Compston has starred in a number of other BBC dramas including 2020's The Nest, about a couple who attempt to have a baby by using a young woman as a surrogate and Traces, a crime drama that originally aired on Alibi. His recent film roles include Margot Robbie's Mary Queen of Scots and James McAvoy's black comedy Filth, while his original breakthrough came in the Ken Loach film Sweet Sixteen.

Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming

Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming in Line of Duty

Who is DI Kate Fleming? Since season one, Kate has been a member of the AC-12 team who specialises in undercover work – rising up through the ranks to Detective Sergeant and then to Detective Inspector. She is highly respected and very professional, with sharp investigative instincts. Kate is devoted to her job, but her home life has suffered; her marriage broke up and her ex has primary custody of their son.

What else has Vicky McClure been in? McClure has collaborated with Shane Meadows on the This Is England series, starring in the initial film and the subsequent Channel 4 television shows. She also played Karen White on ITV's Broadchurch and, most recently, appeared in Amazon Prime's Alex Rider. Other roles have included the BBC One dramas The Secret Agent and The Replacement, and films such as Svengali, Hummingbird, and Convenience.

Adrian Dunbar plays Superintendent Ted Hastings

Adrian Dunbar plays Superintendent Ted Hastings in Line of Duty

Who is Superintendent Ted Hastings? Hastings is the senior investigating officer at AC-12. In season five, he came under suspicion himself; and while he was cleared of the most serious charges, he had to accept a final written warning for misconduct. At this point, his marriage had also come to an end and he was living in a run-down hotel. Season six picks the story back up 18 months later, but there is still a shadow hanging over Hastings.

What else has Adrian Dunbar been in? Dunbar played Richard Plantagenet in The Hollow Crown and Dr Jim Hogan in Channel 5 thriller Blood, while other appearances have included roles in Ashes to Ashes and The Jump. He also recently hosted the factual series Adrian Dunbar's Coastal Ireland.

Season 6

Kelly Macdonald plays DCI Joanne Davidson

Kelly Macdonald

Who is DCI Joanne Davidson? A new addition in series six, Jo Davidson is a senior investigating officer of an unsolved murder, whose unconventional conduct raises suspicions at AC-12.

What else has Kelly Macdonald been in? The Scottish star is an acclaimed actress of the big and small screen, with movie roles including Trainspotting, No Country for Old Men, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Macdonald's TV roles have included HBO's Boardwalk Empire, BBC's The Victim and most recently, BBC Two's Giri/Haji.

Shalom Brune-Franklin plays DC Chloe Bishop

Shalom Brune-Franklin plays DC Chloe Bishop in Line of Duty

Who is DC Chloe Bishop? The latest addition to series six, DC Bishop is a new member of the AC-12 anti-corruption unit, led by Superintendent Ted Hastings.

What else has Shalmon Brune-Franklin been in? The actress recently played Rose in BBC One's political thriller Roadkill and Sister Igraine in Netflix's fantasy series Cursed. Previous roles include Maisie Richards in the BBC's military drama Our Girl, and Aoife in Doctor Who.

Elizabeth Rider plays DCC Andrea Wise

Elizabeth Rider plays DCC Andrea Wise

Who is DCC Wise? Deputy Chief Constable Wise was a newcomer in series five. She is no friend of Ted's.

What else has Elizabeth Rider been in? The actress starred as DCI Lynette Driver in Doctors, and also recently played Lady Justice Spencer in Informer. She was Gladys Wilson in the TV drama Mrs Wilson, and further credits include Lewis, Doctor Who (as Linda in The Time of the Doctor), Waking the Dead, and Vera.

Andi Osho plays Gail Vella

Andi Osho plays Gail Vella in Line of Duty (BBC)

Who is Gail Vella? She is a high-profile journalist who was murdered. A year later, the police have yet to identify or catch her killer, but – at the start of season 6 – a potential suspect has been identified, and DCI Joanne Davidson appears determined to bring them to justice.

What else has Andi Osho been in? The actress most recently played Carrie in Michaela Coel's I May Destroy You on BBC One and appeared as Precious Abellard in BBC's Death in Paradise last year. Previous roles include Rochelle Akindele in Channel 4's Kiri, and Jenny in Sky's dystopian drama Curfew.

Patrick Baladi plays Jimmy Lakewell

Patrick Baladi plays Jimmy Lakewell in Line of Duty

Who is Jimmy Lakewell? Jimmy Lakewell is a solicitor who, at the start of series four, worked for the criminal law firm Lakewell, Dean & Stevenson. He was a close friend of Nick Huntley, and represented Nick's wife DCI Roz Huntley when she was questioned by AC-12. He reappears briefly (but significantly) in season six.

What else has Patrick Baladi been in? He's been in Breeders (as Darren), Semi-Detached (as Ted), Stella (as Michael Jackson), Marcella (as Stephen Holmes), and Party Animals (as James Northcote). This isn't the first time he's worked with Jed Mercurio; he previously starred in the Line of Duty creator's 2004-2006 medical drama, Bodies, playing Dr Roger Hurley.

George Costigan plays Patrick Fairbank

George Costigan plays Patrick Fairbank in Line of Duty

Who is Patrick Fairbank? Retired, elderly Chief Superintendent Patrick Fairbank was brought to justice at the end of season three for his role in the Sands View Boys' Home scandal. In season six, Chloe and Steve visited him in prison to ask him some questions about the Lawrence Christopher case, and about Marcus Thurwell. However, he seems to be suffering from memory loss.

What else has George Costigan been in? George Costigan first found fame as adulterous businessman Bob in Rita, Sue and Bob Too. He’s since gone on to appear in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Kavanagh QC, Inspector Morse and New Tricks, plus a guest role in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special.

James Nesbitt plays Marcus Thurwell

James Nesbitt plays Marcus Thurwell in Line of Duty

Who is is Marcus Thuwell? Former Detective Chief Inspector Marcus Thurwell retired from the police force in 2005 and was last spotted in Spain in 2015. He was SIO on the investigation into the death of Oliver Stephens-Lloyd in 1998, and then he was SIO on the Lawrence Christopher case in 2003. He was briefly pursued by AC-12 during the events of season three, when he was suspected of having covered up the child abuse at Sands View Boys' Home – but as he was abroad, and Fairbank was convicted and imprisoned, things were taken no further at the time.

What else has James Nesbitt been in? Perhaps we should have expected James Nesbitt to make an appearance, seeing as he worked with Jed Mercurio on his other recent drama Bloodlands. His other shows have included Cold Feet (as Adam Williams), Lucky Man (as DI Harry Clayton), The Missing (as Tony Hughes), Monroe (as Gabriel Monroe), and Jekyll. On the big screen, he played Bofur in The Hobbit, and Ivan Cooper in Bloody Sunday.

Anneika Rose plays PS Farida Jatri

Anneika Rose plays PC Farida Jatri in Line of Duty

Who is PS Farida Jatri? We last saw Farida in season four, when she was working out of Polk Avenue Station under the command of DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton). Since then, she has been promoted, and the start of season six finds her working on The Hill as part of the Gail Vella murder investigation team (MIT).

What else has Anneika Rose been in? Anneika Rose starred as Nicky in David Tennant drama Deadwater Fell, as Natalie in The Feed, as Jean-Louise Talbot in The Cry, and as Lila Shariff in Ackley Bridge.

Nigel Boyle plays Ian Buckells

Nigel Boyle plays Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells in Line of Duty

Who is Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells? So far, we've met Buckells in seasons one, four, and now six. Back in the first season he was a DI who was involved in investigating the Jackie Laverty case. Later, as DCI, he took over Roz Huntley's case and had to work with Kate (despite knowing she was an undercover officer). Now he has somehow worked his way up the chain, despite being fairly mediocre (or seemingly so).

What else has Nigel Boyle been in? In the last few years, you may have seen Nigel Boyle in such shows as Small Axe (as Mr Hamley), The End of the F***ing World (as Franklin), Doctors (as Russell Ade), and Silent Witness (as Clive Miller). Other credits include Peaky Blinders, Home Fires, Humans, and Coronation Street.

Ace Bhatti plays PCC Rohan Sindwhani

Ace Bhatti plays Sindwhani in Line of Duty

Who is Rohan Sindwhani? In season five, he was Central Police’s new Police and Crime Commissioner. In season six, he's still occupying that office – and his main aim seems to be to frustrate any attempts to uncover corruption in the police force, thereby avoiding unpleasant headlines.

What else has Ace Bhatti been in? The actor played the villainous Yusef Khan in EastEnders until 2011. He is also known for playing Calvin Sarwar in Shetland, DCI Jahan Kapoor in Black Work, Nazir Afzal in the award-winning mini-series Three Girls, and Mayor Hassan in comedy drama No Offence.

Perry Fitzpatrick plays DS Chris Lomax

Perry Fitzpatrick plays DS Chris Lomax in Line of Duty

Who is DS Chris Lomax? DCI Joanne Davidson's junior on the Murder Investigation Team at Hillside Lane ("the Hill"). He is working on the Gail Vella case.

What else has Perry Fitzpatrick been in? He's actually been in quite a lot of TV shows with fellow Line of Duty star Vicky McClure, including This is England (in which he played Flip) and I Am (starring opposite her as Adam). Perry Fitzpatrick's other TV shows include We Hut Together, Man Like Mobeen, Suspects, and Cursed – while movies include 2019's Downton Abbey, as the character Chris Webster.

Gregory Piper plays Ryan Pilkington

Gregory Piper as PC Ryan Pilkington in Line of Duty

Who is Ryan Pilkington? We first met Ryan Pilkington in season one, when he was a troubled kid working for the criminal gang (then led by Tommy Hunter) by delivering burner phones on his BMX. By season five, he'd grown up – reappearing as a fully-fledged OCG member. Now, in season six, he is back as PC Ryan Pilkington, working on the Gail Vella case with DCI Jo Davidson and DI Kate Fleming.

What else has Gregory Piper been in? He appeared in the 2013 TV series Frankie, and played Jimmy Clemance in the 2021 movie Fixed.

Amy de Bhrún plays Steph Corbett

Amy De Bhrun plays Steph Corbett in Line of Duty

Who is Steph Corbett? John Corbett’s widow. Steph Corbett first appeared in season five, when John was undercover; at the time, she was looking after their two daughters alone and keeping in occasional contact with him. She has re-emerged in season six, making contact with Hastings and welcoming Steve to her house for a catch-up.

What else has Amy De Bhrun been in? The actress has starred as Jarl Hrolf in Vikings, and as Adele McHoughton in Coronation Street.

Anna Maxwell Martin plays DCS Patricia Carmichael

Anna Maxwell Martin as Pat Carmichael

Who is Patricia Carmichael? A senior anti-corruption detective brought in from rival unit AC-3. We last saw Patricia Carmichael in the fifth series, when she was brought in to interrogate Superintendent Ted Hastings himself, after the AC-12 boss was set up to look like the criminal mastermind known as H.

Carmichael's return was announced in April, with the character set to recur throughout the remaining three episodes of series six. The news follows the recent bombshell that AC-12 is set to close as the Line of Duty's fictional police force plans to merge its various anti-corruption squads into one. With Hastings being forced into retirement, its possible that Carmichael will get the top job.

What else has Anna Maxwell Martin been in? The actress has starred in Motherland, The Frankenstein Chronicles (as Mary Shelley), The Bletchley Circle, and Death Comes to Pemberley (as Elizabeth Darcey). She played Beelzebub in Neil Gaiman’s Amazon series Good Omens.

Tommy Jessop plays Terry Boyle

Tommy Jessop plays Terry Boyle in Line of Duty

Who is Terry? Terry Boyle is a man with Down’s Syndrome who lives independently, but has been preyed on by the balaclava gang. Terry also appeared in season one, played by a different actor – Elliott Rosen.

What else has Tommy Jessop been in? The actor starred in BBC drama Coming Down the Mountain, and has also appeared in Off their Rockers, Casualty, and Doctors.

Christina Chong plays DI Nicola "Jolly" Rogerson

Christina Chong plays DI Nicola Jolly Rogerson in Line of Duty

Who is DI Rogerson? We first met her in season two, when she worked in the Major Violent Crime unit. Back then, she worked alongside DCS Lester Hargreaves as a Detective Sergeant; she went on to develop a romantic relationship with DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), although it apparently didn't work out. She has now been promoted to DI, and Arnott is apparently hoping to get a job on her team.

What else has Christina Chong been in? The actress has starred in Bulletproof (as Nell McBride), Heirs of the Night (as Calvina), Ill Behaviour, Halo: Nightfall, Dominion, and 24: Live Another Day. She's also appeared in Doctor Who back in 2011 (playing Lorna Bucket in the episode A Good Man Goes to War), and played Tamsin in Black Mirror episode The Waldo Moment.

Rosa Escoda plays Amanda Yao

Rosa Escoda plays Amanda Yao in Line of Duty

Who is Amanda Yao? The police’s cyber crime expert who, in season five, is called in to AC-12 to trace those instant messages from ‘H’.

What else has Rosa Escoda been in? Appropriately, she popped up in Justice League as a cop. You may also have spotted her in the TV series Wanderlust, or in Holby City as Sarah Jane Fleet.

Maria Connolly plays Alison Merchant

Maria Connolly plays Alison Merchant in Line of Duty
BBC iPlayer

Who is Merchant? Merchant is a cruel prison guard who has brutally attacked both DI Lindsay Denton (in series two) and PS Farida Jatri (in series six). Although it has never been explicitly explained what her motives are, the logical conclusion is that she is a member of the OCG who has infiltrated the prison system to silence anyone who could threaten them.

What else has Maria Connolly been in? Outside of Line of Duty, Connolly appeared in 2015's independent sci-fi film Robot Overlords (featuring Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson).

Michael Yare plays John Rix

Michael Yare plays John Rix in Line of Duty
BBC iPlayer

Who is John Rix? John Rix is the Police Federation representative for DCI Joanne Davidson, who attends her AC-12 interrogations and intervenes when lines of questioning become too distressing.

What else has Michael Yare been in? Yare has made appearances in several popular television shows including Game of Thrones, Toast of London, Utopia and Irish soap opera Fair City.

Alastair Natkiel plays Lee Banks

Alastair Natkiel plays Lee Banks in Line of Duty

Who is Lee? A member of the OCG, who first appeared in season five. It has now been confirmed that Carl Banks, who appears in season six, is is brother. Lee Banks currently resides at Blackthorn Prison.

What else has Alastair Natkiel been in? He had a small role in Casualty in 2010, and starred in thriller The Innocent.

Prasanna Puwanarajah plays Nadaraja

Prasanna Puwanarajah plays Nadaraja in Line of Duty

Who is Nadaraja? One of Gail's producers at the TV station.

What else has Prasanna Puwanarajah been in? The actor starred in season two of BBC's Doctor Foster and Sky Atlantic's award-winning limited drama Patrick Melrose. Puwanarajah has also appeared in BBC's Defending the Guilty, and Jed Mercurio's 2015 medical drama Critical, co-starring Line of Duty's Lennie James.

Owen Teale plays Chief Inspector Philip Osborne

Owen Teale as Philip Osborne in Line of Duty

Who is Osborne? Philip Osborne is currently the Chief Constable of Central Police. But when we first met him in season one, when he was the leader of the Counter Terrorism Unit which mistakenly gunned down Karim Ali (after going to the wrong address). DS Steve Arnott refused to take part in the cover-up, and was subsequently booted off the team and transferred to AC-12. There were no repercussions for any of the officers involved in the killing, despite Steve's testimony. In season six, he appears in archive footage as AC-12 investigates the Gail Vella case.

What else has Owen Teale been in? He starred as Alliser Thorne in Game of Thrones. Since then, he's been in A Discovery of Witches, Deep State, Traitors, and Pulse. Other credits include Stella, River, and Ballykissangel.

Sara Dylan plays Terry's solicitor

Sara Dylan plays Terry's solicitor in Line of Duty

Who is Terry's solicitor? The appointed solicitor for Terry Boyle, who we meet during his interrogation in episode one.

What else has Sara Dylan been in? The actress is best known for playing Bernadette in Game of Thrones. She has also appeared in Bloodlands, The Lodge, The Fall, Special Couple, and Doing Money.

Kwaku Fortune plays the CHIS handler

Kwaku Fortune plays the CHIS handler DS Marks in Line of Duty

Who is DS Marks? Marks handles a CHIS - a "covert human intelligence source". He is the one who calls DCI Joanne Davidson's team with information from his source, who reported a man going by the name "Ross Turner" boasting about being involved in the murder of Gail Vella.

What else has Kwaku Fortune been in? He recently played Philip in Normal People. Other credits include A Girl from Mogadishu, Animals, and The Importance of Being Whatever.

Season 5

Stephen Graham plays John Corbett

Line Of Duty S5 - Episode 1

Who is John Corbett? Details of Stephen Graham’s character were shrouded in secrecy ahead of series five, and with good reason. Initially established as the leader of a “deadly organised crime group” that is “known to have links with corrupt police officers and suspected to be under direct command of the shadowy figure known only as ‘H’” – i.e. the legendary balaclava men – he was later revealed to be an undercover police officer.

What else has Stephen Graham been in? Stephen Graham is known for playing Tommy in Snatch, as well as starring alongside Vicky McClure as Andrew “Combo” Gascoigne in This is England and its TVs sequels. He was Baby Face Nelson in Public Enemies, Scrum in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire. More recent projects include Little Boy Blue, Taboo, and Save Me.

Rochenda Sandall plays Lisa McQueen

Rochenda Sandall in Line of Duty (BBC)

Who is Lisa McQueen? One of the “balaclava men” is actually a woman! Lisa McQueen plays a pivotal role in this organised crime network, viewers were initially led to believe that she was an undercover police detective after she spared an officer’s life.

What else has Rochenda Sandall been in? You may recognise her from Netflix’s choose-you-own-adventure Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch. Other credits include Anna in Love, Lies and Records, Jean Reid in Broken, and Nadia in Into the Badlands.

Polly Walker plays Gill Biggeloe

Polly Walker stars in Line of Duty on BBC One

Who is Gill Biggeloe? In season three, she first appeared as AC-12's department lawyer – but she returned in season five.

What else has Polly Walker been in? She’s had regular TV roles in Rome (which earned her a Golden Globe nomination), Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica, The Syndicate and Mr Selfridge, where she played Delphine Day.

Tony Pitts plays Detective Chief Superintendent Lester Hargreaves

Tony Pitts plays Les Hargreaves in Line of Duty
BBC iPlayer

Who is DCS Lester Hargreaves? Hargreaves is a high ranking officer who comes into conflict with AC-12.

What else has Tony Pitts been in? Pitts has recently had roles in two major BBC dramas, appearing as Steve in the BAFTA-winning Giri/Haji and Sergeant Moss in Peaky Blinders.

Laura Elphinstone plays DI Michelle Brandyce

Laura Elphinstone plays DI Michelle Brandyce in Line of Duty

Who is DI Michelle Brandyce? A member of Carmichael’s team at AC-3.

What else has Laura Elphinstone been in? You might recognise her from appearances in Doctors, Holby City, Call the Midwife and Vera.

Natalie Gavin plays PS Tina Tranter

Natalie Gavin plays PS Tina Tranter in Line of Duty

Who is PS Tina Tranter? A member of Carmichael’s team at AC-3.

What else has Natalie Gavin been in? Gavin has enjoyed roles in the second series of BBC lottery drama The Syndicate and ITV’s Jericho. We’ll also soon be seeing her in Suranne Jones drama Gentleman Jack as Alice Hardcastle.

Taj Atwal plays PC Tatleen Sohota

Taj Atwal plays PC Tatleen Sohota in Line of Duty

Who is Tatleen Sohota? A new Police Constable who has joined AC-12 in series five. She is diligent and hard-working.

What else has Taj Atwal been in? You may recognise her from her roles in Stella (as Jasminder) or In The Club (as Jasmin). Taj Atwal recently starred in the BBC1 Wales drama Pitching In, and has also appeared in No Offence, Death on the Tyne, and Thunderbirds are Go.

Tomi May plays Miroslav Minkovic

Tomi May plays Miroslav in Line of Duty

Who is Miroslav? A faithful member of the balaclava gang, who we first encountered in series one when he was working for Tommy Hunter.

What else has Tomi May been in? A prolific character actor, Tomi May has appeared in TV shows including Silent Witness, Emmerdale, Killing Eve, Save Me, Jamestown, Doctor Foster, and Doctor Who, as well as movies including Justice League. He played Jarl Olavsonn in Vikings.

Andrea Irvine plays Roisin Hastings

Andrea Irvine plays Roisin Hastings in Line of Duty

Who is Roisin Hastings? Ted’s estranged wife. The couple, who are both from Northern Ireland, married when they were 18; in series two we discovered they were living separately, although Roisin had agreed to keep up the appearance of a happy marriage when meeting his work colleagues.

What else has Andrea Irvine been in? Andrea Irvine stars in the Irish soap opera Red Rock, playing Garda Det. Angela Tyrell. She has also played Alison Burns in 6Degrees, and a district judge in The Fall.

Richard Pepple plays PS Kyle Ferringham

Richard Pepple plays PS Kyle Ferringham in Line of Duty

Who is Kyle Ferringham? A new character in series five, who joins the staff of AC-12.

What else has Richard Pepple been in? He played Dublin Hilton in the recent BBC adaptation of Andrea Levy’s The Long Song, and has also appeared in Cleaning Up, Krypton, Little Women, The Dumping Ground, Motherland, and Death in Paradise.

Aiysha Hart plays DS Sam Railston

Aiysha Hart plays DS Sam Railston in Line of Duty

Who is DS Sam Railston? We first met DS Sam Railston in series three, when she and Steve Arnott were celebrating their one-year anniversary – but their happy relationship was not to last. They worked together again as colleagues in season five.

What else has Aiysha Hart been in? The actress starred as Ariadne in the TV series Atlantis, and played Leila Sayyad in New Blood, before bagging the role of Miriam Shepherd in A Discovery of Witches.

Patrick Fitzsymons plays Mark Moffatt

Patrick FitzSymons as Mark Moffatt, Line of Duty, BBC Pictures

Who is Mark Moffatt? A former DCI who acted as Roz Huntley’s Police Federation Rep during her AC-12 interviews in series four. He’s now retired and approaches Ted with a new opportunity.

What else has Patrick Fitzsymons been in? He has featured in The Fall, Doctors, ITV’s 2018 Vanity Fair adaptation and starred alongside Line of Duty star Vicky McClure in last year’s Mother’s Day.

Susan Vidler plays DS Alison Powell

Susan Vidler plays Detective Superintendent Alison Powell in Line of Duty

Who is Alison Powell? A new character in series five, Detective Superintendent Alison Powell oversees “Operation Pear Tree."

What else has Susan Vidler been in? Having first hit the big screen as drug-addicted mum Allison in Trainspotting, Susan Vidler has appeared in TV shows and movies including The Jump, Shetland, The Coroner, A House in Berlin, and Doctor Who – playing Aunt Sharon in 2010 episode The Big Bang.

Sian Reese-Williams plays Jane Cafferty

Sian Reese-Williams plays Jane Cafferty in Line of Duty

Who is Jane Cafferty? One of the police officers who is ambushed by the “balaclava men” in series five.

What else has Sian Reese-Williams been in? You may remember her from the TV series Requiem, where she played Trudy Franken. Other credits include Hidden, Welsh drama 35 Diwrnod, Hinterland, and Emmerdale – where she spent five years starring as Gennie Walker.

Maanuv Thiara plays Vihaan Malhotra

Maanuv Thiara plays Vihan Malhotra in Line of Duty

Who is Vihan Malhotra? A new character in series five, Vihan is PC Maneet Bindra’s cousin and also works within the police force. He helped pass information on to the “balaclava men” prior to the events of episode one of series five.

What else has Maanuv Thiara been in? Since leaving theatre school in 2016, the young actor has appeared on stage in a series of productions including Hamlet at the Harold Pinter theatre. He also played young Uncle Mohinder in BBC2’s The Boy with the Topknot.

Season 4

Thandie Newton plays DCI Roz Huntley

Thandie Newton stars in BBC One's Line of Duty

Who is Roz? Roz is the lead investigator on a huge case, she’s trusted by her superiors to get a conviction and she executes her work with precision and skill. Respected by those she works with, Roz juggles a family with the demands of her job and the pressure from above – but is she nailing the right guy?

What else has Thandie Newton been in? Thandie has appeared in several major films, including Mission: Impossible II, Beloved, The Pursuit of Happyness, Crash and Solo: A Star Wars Story. On TV, she played Kem in ER and has recently starred in HBO’s hit sci-fi series Westworld.

Jason Watkins plays Tim Ifield


Who is Tim Ifield? Forensics expert Tim comes into conflict with Roz when he raises concerns he has with her investigation.

What else has Jason Watkins been in? Jason Watkins is a veteran of British television, acting since the late 1980s and appearing in the likes of Being Human, Conviction, Trollied, Doctor Who and W1A. He won a BAFTA for Best Actor in 2015 for his lead role in The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies and on film has cropped up in the Nativity series, Confetti and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Lee Ingleby plays Nick Huntley

Lee Ingleby plays Nick Huntley in Line of Duty

Who is Nick Huntley? Nick is Roz's husband. They have two children together.

What else has Lee Ingleby been in? Ingleby starred as Martin Shaw’s in BBC's long-running detective drama Inspector George Gently. He is also known for his appearance as Knight Bus conductor Stan Shunpike in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba and his portrayal of Paul Hughes in BBC drama The A Word.

Scott Reid plays Michael Farmer

Who is Michael Farmer? 24-year-old Michael Farmer is charged with the murder of two women and the kidnap of another – but did he do it?

What else has Scott Reid been in? Scott has delighted audiences in cult comedy Still Game as Methadone Mick and showed up in TV movie Sketchland. On stage, he played the lead role of Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Claudia Jessie plays DC Jodie Taylor

Who is DC Jodie Taylor? Young copper Jodie works in Roz Huntley’s unit and plays a role in the team’s pursuit of Michael.

What else has Claudia Jessie been in? If you’re a fan of daytime drama, Claudia played lead Annie Taylor in the third series of WPC 56. She also appears in CBBC web series Dixi as Shari and has showed up in Call the Midwife, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and Doctors.

Royce Pierreson plays DC Jamie Desford

Royce Pierreson plays DC Jamie Desford in Line of Duty
BBC iPlayer

Who is DC Jamie Desford? Jamie Desford is a newcomer to AC-12 joining old hands Hastings, Arnott and Fleming.

What else has Royce Pierreson been in? He gave a chilling performance in BBC Three's Murdered by My Boyfriend and has since appeared in Death in Paradise and Our Girl.

Maya Sondhi plays WPC Maneet Bindra

Maya Sondhi plays PC Maneet Bindra in Line of Duty

Who is WPC Maneet Bindra? Maneet was a new recruit to the AC-12 team for series three and played a role in uncovering the web of lies spun by Dot Cottan.

What else has Maya Sondhi been in? As well as appearing in Line of Duty, Maya has played Shazia Khan in Adil Ray’s BBC sitcom Citizen Khan and has had small roles in DCI Banks, Silent Witness and Family Affairs. She’s also credited as a writer on Mount Pleasant, The Kumars and EastEnders.

Season 3

Daniel Mays plays Sergeant Danny Waldron

Daniel Mays plays Sergeant Danny Waldron in Line of Duty

Who is Sergeant Danny Waldron? An ambitious sergeant in a police armed response unit whose file crosses AC-12’s desk after the fatal shooting of a criminal suspect.

What else has Daniel Mays been in? He played train robber Ronnie Biggs opposite Sheridan Smith in Mrs Biggs, and diarist Samuel Pepys in ITV’s The Great Fire. More recently, he has appeared in Sky Comedy's Code 404 and Netflix drama White Lines.

Craig Parkinson plays Dot Cottan

Craig Parkinson as DI Dot Cottan in Line of Duty

Who is Dot Cottan? Dot was originally introduced as a Sergeant on Antony Gates' squad TO-20 in season one. He later rose to the rank of Detective Inspector, and joined AC-12 in series three.

What else has Craig Parkinson been in? He played lecherous probation worker Shaun in E4’s Misfits and boxing twins Jimmy and Johnny Kray on ITV’s Whitechapel. More recently, he has appeared in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Julian Fellowes football drama The English Game and GOLD sitcom Sandylands.

Jonas Armstrong plays Joe Nash

Who is Joe Nash? He is working with DC Arnott to bring perpetrators of a childhood trauma to justice.

What else has Jonas Armstrong been in? Armstrong is best known as Robin Hood, appearing in the BBC drama of the same name for three series in total. He has since had roles in The Body Farm, Ripper Street and ITV’s Joanne Froggatt drama Dark Angel. He has also appeared as a guest star on Death in Paradise (pictured).

Will Mellor plays PC Rod Kennedy

Who is PC Rod Kennedy? A member of Sergeant Waldron's team.

What else has Will Mellor been in? Mellor has been a regular TV face for more than 25 years since making his debut on Children’s Ward, with roles ranging from Jack Vincent in Casualty to 10 years as Gaz Wilkinson in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. More recently, he played Steve Connolly in Broadchurch, and starred in sitcoms White Van Man and In with the Flynns.

Arsher Ali plays PC Harinderpal ‘Hari’ Bains

Who is PC Harinderpal 'Hari' Bains? Another member of Waldron’s firearms team.

What else has Arsher Ali been in? Ali rose to prominence in Chris Morris’ Four Lions. Since then, he’s had major roles in the likes of Beaver Falls, Complicit and The Missing, co-starred alongside Martin Clunes in ITV’s adaptation of Julian Barnes’ Arthur & George, and appeared in Doctor Who two-parter Under the Lake / Before the Flood.

Leanne Best plays WPC Jackie Brickford

Who is Jackie Brickford? Another member of Waldron's firearms team.

What else has Leanne Best been in? A veteran of such Brit TV staples as Casualty, New Tricks and Doctors, Leanne Best – here playing a firearms officer – is probably best known as Jane Cobden in Ripper Street, Celia Donnelly in Fortitude and teacher Teresa Fenchurch in ITV’s Home Fires.

Shaun Parkes plays Chief Supt Terry Reynolds

What else has Shaun Parkes been in? He played Rocco in Russell T Davies’ Casanova, and reunited with David Tennant for The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit – the 2006 Doctor Who two-parter that gave the world the Ood. In 2009, he played the title role in BBC2’s acclaimed detective thriller Moses Jones, assisted by another Time Lord, Matt Smith. He has also starred in Netflix's Lost in Space remake and will appear in Steve McQueen's Small Axe.

Season 2

Keeley Hawes plays DI Lindsay Denton

Keeley Hawes as DI Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty

Who is DI Lindsay Denton? Denton comes under the attention of AC-12, after a protected witness transport she arranged is ambushed, resulting in the deaths of several police officers.

What else has Keeley Hawes been in? Hawes is another actor who returned for Jed Mercurio's Line of Duty follow-up Bodyguard, famously playing Home Secretary Julia Montague. She has also starred in ITV comedy-drama The Durrells, BBC One's Ashes to Ashes and spy thriller Spooks.

Mark Bonnar plays DCC Mike Dryden

Mark Bonnar plays DCC Mike Dryden in Line of Duty

Who is DCC Mike Dryden? Dryden is a police official involved in the scandal that leads to the investigation into Denton.

What else has Mark Bonnar been in? Bonnar has had roles in Shetland, Psychoville and Unforgotten, as well as co-starring in the BBC's acclaimed Scottish drama Guilt. Last year he was seen in "Coughing Major" drama Quiz, which proved a big hit for ITV.

Jessica Raine plays DC Georgia Trotman

Jessica Raine

Who is DC Georgia Trotman? Trotman is an officer brought in to help AC-12 on the Denton case.

What else has Jessica Raine been in? Raine is known for playing Jenny Lee on BBC One drama Call The Midwife, follow it up with roles in Sky's Fortitude and BBC Two's Baptiste.

Season 1

Lennie James plays DCI Antony Gates

Line of Duty stars Lennie James, Martin Compston and Vicky McClure on BBC One

Who is DCI Antony Gates? Gates is a highly commended member of the force, awarded Officer of the Year for his high crime rate. However, his numbers are so remarkable that AC-12 begin to suspect him of cheating the system, placing him under investigation just as his personal life begins to spiral out of control.

What else has Lennie James been in? James will be well known to horror fans for his role on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, while he's also the writer and star of Sky Atlantic drama Save Me.

Neil Morrissey plays DC Nigel Morton

Neil Morrissey plays DC Nigel Morton in Line of Duty

Who is Nigel Morton? At the start of season one, Detective Constable Morton is a close friend and colleague of Antony Gates.

What else has Neil Morrissey been in? Waterloo Road fans will know Morrissey as Eddie Lawson on the high school drama, while kids (and parents) may recognise his voice as the legendary Bob the Builder. Recently, he has appeared in The Good Karma Hospital (pictured) and Unforgotten, which both aired on ITV.

Paul Higgins plays Derek Hilton

Who is Derek Hilton? Hilton is Chief Superintendent of Central Police.

What else has Paul Higgins been in? Higgins plays press officer Jamie McDonald in The Thick Of It and Michael Dugdale in Channel 4 thriller Utopia.

Gina McKee plays Jackie Laverty

Jackie Laverty in Line of Duty

Who is Jackie Laverty? Jackie Laverty is a businesswoman associated with Antony Gates, who he helps to cover up a dangerous secret.

What else has Gina McKee been in? McKee recently appeared in Bodyguard, another Jed Mercurio drama, where she played Commander Anne Sampson. She also appeared in Oscar contender Phantom Thread, which starred acclaimed actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

Kate Ashfield plays Jools Gates

Kate Ashfield plays Yvonne Fulcher in A Confession

Who is Jools Gates? Gates is Antony's wife, with whom he has two children.

What else has Kate Ashfield been in? Ashfield recently played Yvonne Fulcher in hard-hitting ITV drama A Confession (pictured) and appeared as Mary Parker in Jane Austen adaptation Sanditon.


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