Stars of ITV drama Victoria gather for series two read-through

The next series of the royal drama is almost ready to begin


Victoria series two is up and running, with the first read-through taking place yesterday. Wonder if it feels like the first day back at school?


Nell Hudson, who plays Skerrett, tweeted:

Looks like Daisy Goodwin may have baked a disappointing Victoria (get it?) sponge cake to take to the table reading…

Goodwin has already teased with some tantalising details about Victoria’s return. Series two will be set in the 1840s, and will likely see Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) become a devoted father.

Motherhood will also play a central role for the Queen – but no news yet on the fate of Skerrett and Francatelli’s romance.


The next series is expected to air on ITV in the autumn.