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Silent Witness: will Michael Landes return as Matt Garcia?

The American actor has appeared in two-parter A Special Relationship as Emilia Fox's on-screen love interest

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Published: Friday, 23rd February 2018 at 10:47 am

Finally, Nikki Alexander has met a decent man. Matt Garcia – who works at the US Embassy – wooed the pathologist during two-parter A Special Relationship, only to be kidnapped from his house by a mystery assailant.


The second of two Silent Witness episodes saw Matt rescued and revealed the kidnapper and murderer to be Peter Cilliers, whose family had been the victims of an American drone strike. But with the mystery solved and the investigation wrapped up, Matt had an opportunity to return to Washington and run for Congress and Nikki (played by Emilia Fox) encouraged him to take it.

What will become of their fledgling relationship? We asked actor Michael Landes – who plays Matt – whether he would return to the series:

"I get offered a big job to go back to America but it's set up that it's not over. I can get a ticket, I can come back, she can come and visit me. I think they love each other but that's my take."

Things did move awfully fast between the pair.... "Yes, but they're also not 21-year-olds. I think adults know who they are and what they want and I think going through trauma could make people a little more vulnerable or raw or open. It does happen quickly but I don't think love has a rule."

Presuming there's going to be a 22nd series of Silent Witness, would he like to continue in the role? "Yes I would. I was very impressed with how much the entire cast still care and how invested they are in making the material good and how welcoming they were for me. The older I get, if people are nice to me, I really like to work with them. So on the pure basis of the fact that they were very nice and engaged and generous to me, I would come back in a heartbeat.

"Matt works in the government so I'm sure he's around – you never know what can happen but I would very much be open. I really enjoyed it. And I also think it would be lame to have yet another guy come and go – it might be nice for a little bit to have something stick."

We can't say much but you might just see another glimpse of Matt before too long...


Silent Witness continues next week on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC1


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