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Silent Witness divides viewers over care home abuse storyline

Some described the latest episode as the worst they had ever seen, while others were full of praise

Charlie Creed-Miles in Silent Witness, BBC Pictures, SL
Published: Friday, 23rd February 2018 at 10:47 am

Silent Witness has divided viewers over its latest storyline about care home abuse.


The plot in episode seven of the long-running BBC drama revolved around the suspicious deaths of a number of people living in care homes.

Disabled actress Liz Carr, who plays Clarissa on Silent Witness, spoke about how the storyline was "really personal" and said watching the episodes back made her cry.

"It's a hard watch," she added. "She goes through some difficult times and we see some great strength I think with Clarissa."

But while some viewers praised the storyline and its portrayal:

Others weren't as impressed, especially by the denouement of the storyline's first part, which saw suspect Kevin (played by Toby Sams-Friedman) shot by the police:

What did you think? Do you think Silent Witness's care home abuse storyline work?


Silent Witness continues Tuesday 30th January at 9pm BBC1


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