BBC crime drama Shetland, based on Ann Cleeves's hit novel series, returns tonight (Wednesday 10th August) for season 7, with DI Jimmy Perez and his team tasked with solving a missing person case on the titular Scottish islands. But that investigation isn't the only focus of the upcoming instalment.


Lead actor Douglas Henshall recently announced that he has exited the series with season 7 his final outing as the detective – news which was met with great sadness by fans and cast members.

Jimmy was in quite the pickle at the end of season 6 when he was suspended from the force and placed under arrest, which spills over into the new episodes. But why did he find himself in that position?

We've recapped what happened below ahead of season 7.

Shetland season 6 recap: Why was Jimmy arrested?

The last season ended with Jimmy suspended from the force. Both the detective and Duncan (Mark Bonnar) were in the frame for the murder of Donna Killick, the mother of Duncan's son who had previously appeared in season 4.

After her release from prison, Donna returned to the islands where it emerged that she had cancer and was dying.

It was later revealed that Donna was a murderer after Jimmy reopened the cold case into the death of teenager Lizzie Kilmuir, which another woman had served time for.

Jimmy was deeply concerned about her influence over Duncan, which culminated in Bonnar's character assisting Donna in taking her own life. He was later arrested after turning himself in.

Mark Bonnar as Duncan in Shetland.

Jimmy, who was present when Duncan confessed, was later arrested for his involvement in the death of Donna, leaving our leading man in his most precarious position yet.

In the season 7 trailer, the detective is back in the job and not behind bars. But it remains to be seen how that is resolved – and what happens to Duncan.

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In season 6, Jimmy was also tasked with caring for his elderly father James who was suffering from dementia. That, and the death of his mother Mary, left him visibly distracted and fatigued.

Could the toll that's taken on him, plus the events surrounding the death of Donna, be the reason for his upcoming exit?

Shetland season 6
Shetland season 6. BBC

Alongside that, Jimmy was also investigating the death of renowned lawyer Alex Galbraith, who was shot at his home while on the phone to his teenage daughter.

Galbraith had also helped facilitate Donna's early release on compassionate grounds, leading Jimmy to initially suspect that Donna was involved.

There were multiple suspects in the killing, all capable of doing the deed, but the evidence eventually led the police to Alex's politician wife Eve. He wanted to come clean about the death of a teenager that he had been involved in 20 years ago, but Eve knew that would destroy both of their lives and careers and took steps to keep him quiet,.

The instalment ended with Tosh learning that she was pregnant. She had questioned whether she was ready to be a mother throughout the season, and on seeing the positive test, she initially looked extremely worried. But her expression morphed into a smile, suggesting that she's excited for the road ahead.

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With Jimmy not returning for season 8, could Tosh step into his shoes? She'll have more on her plate than ever before with a baby in the picture, but if anyone can do it, it's Tosh.

But despite the uncertainty hanging over the drama, one thing's for certain: it promises to be another eventful season for Shetland's locals and its dedicated police force.

Shetland season 7 begins on Wednesday 10th August on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Ann Cleeves's Shetland novels are available to buy now. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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