Peter Capaldi has signed so many autographs for Doctor Who fans, the bank no longer recognises his signature

The Doctor has had a spot of bother with his local branch

Playing the Doctor is so much more than just manning the TARDIS. Yes, Peter Capaldi spends long stretches of the year inside a closed set in Cardiff, working to bring us brand new episodes of Doctor Who (starting next Saturday. Hurray!) but he also apportions a good deal of his time to meeting and greeting fans.


In fact, the current Doctor is well known for going the extra mile to sign autographs for his devoted following – back when he debuted his first episode in 2014, he attended two premieres, one in Cardiff and one in London, and specifically asked to go back outside to meet and autograph for his fans.

But, twelve months on, Capaldi has signed so many that it’s now costing him money. “My bank actually refused a cheque of mine the other day because my signature has changed so much this year,” he told The Big Issue. “I do a faster one now. The bank sent the cheque back: ‘That is not you!'”


The Doctor may have no problem battling extra-terrestrial banks but it turns out Peter Capaldi can’t get past his local branch manager.

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