Peaky Blinders surprise as Tommy’s bride revealed

Veil is taken away to reveal his new wife…


* Warning: Spoilers if you have not seen Peaky Blinders series 3 episode 1 *


And the lucky lady who has won the heart of Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby is…. Grace.

The lucky Ms Burgess, played by Anabelle Wallis is the undercover-operative-turned-Tommy sweetheart in his BBC2 drama Peaky Blinders.

And it was her beaming face behind the veil in tonight’s series 3 opening episode which – according to the gypsy tradition so beloved of the Peakys – covered her face entirely before the reveal.

“I was very excited to be chosen as his bride,” Wallis said. “I was convinced it was always going to be me.”

Helen McCrory who plays Aunt Polly and an adversary of Grace, said of the plot development and her character’s likely relationship with her now-married rival: “They have been walking round each other with hat pins drawn so it’s nice to do it in a nicer setting.”

Asked what kind of husband Tommy will make Murphy laughed: “What do you think?”


Peaky Blinders is on BBC2 on Thursdays at 9pm