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Peaky Blinders director shares a season six sneak peek

Series six will include a revamped Garrison pub—with potential easter eggs hidden in the redesign and colour scheme

Peaky Blinders V Ep 6
Published: Friday, 27th March 2020 at 11:15 am

By order of the Peaky Blinders, fans of the TV series now have a new reason to stay cheerful ahead of season six.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming on the show has been put on the back burner, meaning the next series will likely air next year.

However, the show's director Anthony Byrne has recently teased a big change to the upcoming series, with brand new images of the refurbished Garrison pub.

Bryne confirmed that the new black and gold colours incorporated will "run thematically through season six," before adding that there was a special reason why he didn't want to alter the front bar...

"This is the back bar of the Garrison Pub. I didn't want to change the front bar too much for story reasons that I can't go in to," he teased in a post on the show's official Instagram feed.

"I wanted to change the back bar and in discussions with Nicole Northridge, our amazing Production Designer who I worked with on S5, we wanted to make it very dark and use black and gold in the colour scheme," he said.

"Black and Gold are two colours that run thematically through S6 and I wanted to layer them anywhere I could that made sense to the locations or the characters who would be in those locations."

Speaking about the new colour scheme, he added: "As to the significance and themes that black and gold represent, well… you’ll just have to wait and see. But I was really happy with the way the set looked at this point and we spent a lot of time on the wallpaper, the embossed filigree and getting the right tone of the gold and the black."

What could the black and gold signify? And does this mean that something significant will happen in the front bar during series six?


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