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Peaky Blinders creator Steve Knight teases World War Two spin-off

Even if the main series finishes in 1939, the story of the Peaky Blinders may not be over

Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby)
Published: Friday, 9th August 2019 at 12:01 am

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight has always planned to end the show with series seven, “when the air raid sirens of World War Two start." But now he is considering another idea: what if the story continues in some form beyond 1939?


"I'm interested now in the Second World War," he told press ahead of Peaky Blinders series five. "I mean they [the Shelby brothers] wouldn't fight in the war but they would live through it.

"And I'm starting to think that maybe there is something to be had there."

Asked if this would be a Peaky Blinders spin-off, he said: "Yeah. Something like that." Considering all the bombings and explosions we'd see on screen, he joked "it'd be expensive."

The idea is clearly still in its early stages and Knight was unable to confirm if he'd bring back the same characters.

"Well, I don't know. I don't know," he said. "It's just a thought."

As for the long-mooted prospect of a Peaky Blinders movie, Knight said he was still open to the idea of a feature film.

"I would never rule anything out, because you know – you might as well do stuff rather than not do stuff," he explained. "So I wouldn't rule it out. I want to get these series finished first, but yeah who knows..."


Peaky Blinders series five will premiere on BBC1 on Sunday 25th August at 9pm


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