Following Captain Charlie James’ decision to split from wife Molly Dawes in the last episode of the BBC army drama, Our Girl fans are sensing a new romance blossoming in 2-Section.


Georgie (Michelle Keegan) and CJ (Ben Aldridge) appear to be growing closer as series four comes to a close. And although the penultimate episode showed the relationship between cool slightly – with Georgie revealing she was still mourning for ex-fiancé Elvis Harte – the two are clearly going to be a major talking point in the series finale.

In the preview for the final episode (9pm Tuesday 24th July, BBC1), viewers saw the couple cuddling, with Georgie confessing: "I’ve been fighting my feelings for so long”.

But there’s just one problem with this new partnership: a lot of viewers really don’t want it.

Why? Firstly, some cite the lack of chemistry between the characters…

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And then there’s Molly. Many feel sorry for CJ’s now ex-wife (previously played by Lacey Turner), who returned off screen in Monday night's episode – talking about furniture over the phone to her estranged husband.

But the main worry for viewers? That our lead medic is destined to die in the next episode.

In the preview of the finale, fans saw Georgie in full battle gear, with CJ telling her: “I need you to be really careful on this one, Lane”. And with the seeds for heartbreak already sown, many are nervous the show will lead viewers to a tear-jerking conclusion...

We won't have to wait long to discover Georgie's fate...


Our Girl is on Tuesday 24 July at 9pm on BBC1

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