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When is On My Block season two released on Netflix?

The cliffhanger ending of the first season will be resolved

Published: Wednesday, 13th March 2019 at 10:08 am

After a shockingly violent end to season one, two of the main characters' lives are hanging in the balance. Will this sweet comedy really kill of one of its main cast?

Find out everything you need to know about On My Block season 2 below.

When is On My Block season 2 released on Netflix?

Netflix has confirmed that the new season will be released on 29th March 2019.

Is there a trailer?

Yes. It opens with Jamal informing his pals (including Ruby, who is very much alive) that he has found the Roller World money (all $200,000 of it). Check it out below.

Prior to this, Netflix released the first three minutes of the new season, which show the characters mourning a loss, and ends with Ruby - who was shot at the end of season one - apparently lying in a casket, before... opening his eyes.

What is going to happen?

*Spoilers for On My Block season 1 to follow*

The first season of the teen comedy drama ended on a shocking cliffhanger, which we expect will be resolved in the new episodes.

In the closing moments of the finale, Ruby (Jason Genao) and Olivia (Ronni Hawk) lay bleeding out on the floor at the latter's quinceañera, after rival gangster Latrelle (Jahking Guillory) had entered the party uninvited and shot at Cesar (Diego Tinoco), inadvertently hitting the young couple.

Newly-released photos from season two suggest that Ruby is still alive - but there is no sign of Olivia...

There's also the small matter of Jamal (Brett Gray), who uncovered a bucketload of cash that his friends had believed to have been a myth.

According to a release from Netflix, the season will see the young group of friends "lean on each other like never before" in the aftermath of the shooting and Jamal's discovery.

Who is in the cast?

From the pictures Netflix has released of season two so far, we know that Jason Genao, Jessica Marie Garcia (Jasmine), Sierra Capri (Monse), Diego Tinoco and Brett Gray will be back.

Brett Gray and Jessica Marie Garcia in On My Block season 2

However, there is no sign of Ronni Hawk's Olivia, whose fate was left in the balance at the end of season one. Is it she, rather than Ruby, who has passed away?


While most of the main cast have tweeted about the show's return since it was announced, Hawk has not. She also no longer has the show listed in her Twitter bio. Suspicious?


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