New Sherlock and Doctor Who footage revealed in BBC’s 2013 Christmas showreel

"Hello everyone, I'm the Doctor" says Matt Smith as Doctor Who clips merge with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and more stars of BBC's Christmas line-up

Christmas is well on its way and the BBC are celebrating with a sneak peek at its bumper festive haul. There’s plenty of snippets of Sherlock, which returns with a mini episode on the BBC Red Button on Christmas Day and series three from New Year’s Day. Plus, there’s Matt Smith, Daleks and more clips from the festive Doctor Who In the Time of the Doctor.


It’s like opening all of the doors on your advent calendar in one go…

Matt Smith knows how to make an entrance: “Hello everyone, I’m the Doctor.”

I spy with my little eye… a green tipped sonic screwdriver.

Daleks and fire and… wait, come out from behind the sofa.

Ready for this?

Ready for THIS?

Yes, that is the man himself, Mr Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock does love a roof doesn’t he?

Do we need to remind him what happened last time?

In case there was any doubt it was Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch

There’s Dr John Watson – moustache in place.

… and a peek at his love interest played by Amanda Abbington

And back to the man himself. Well, he’s back from the dead (sort of). He’s celebrating.

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