Undercover, BBC's latest Sunday night drama, follows the story of Nick Johnson and Maya Cobbina. The two are happily married with three grown children, while Maya fights for justice in a broken system as a lawyer, and Nick trains for a triathlon. But soon a series of lies and secrets begin bubbling to the surface, jeopardising the life that the two have created with one another.


Find out more about the couple, their family, and everyone else in between below.

Nick Johnson — Adrian Lester


On the surface, Nick Johnson is a typical man. He's a devoted husband and a loving father, training for a triathlon in his spare time. He would do anything to protect his family. But when his dark past emerges from the shadows and threatens the life he has made for himself, Nick is forced to make a difficult decision.

Where you've seen him before: Playing con artist Michael "Mickey Bricks" Stone in the BBC series Hustle between 2004-2012, and as Henry Burton in the American film Primary Colours. Lester's also enjoyed a distinguished stage career, playing Othello at the National Theatre in 2013 and most recently starring in the revival of Red Velvet in the West End.

Maya Cobbina — Sophie Okonedo


Maya Cobbina is dedicated to her cause. She's a lawyer, defending an innocent man on death row, and working to change the system from the inside out. But when the chance to be Director of Public Prosecutions comes up, she can't resist the chance to get justice for the death of an old friend.

Where you've seen her before: On the silver screen, playing alongside Will Smith in the film After Earth, and as Tatiana Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda. On TV, she received a Golden Globe nomination for miniseries Tsunami: the Aftermath and Bafta nods for both Criminal Justice and Mrs. Mandela.

Rudy Jones — Dennis Haysbert


Wrongly convicted and sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit, Rudy Jones sees his last shreds of hope in his defence attorney, Maya Cobbina. When it seems that he is nearing his end, he offers up a piece of advice that will stay with Maya for the rest of her life. Can she possibly save a man so doomed by the system?

Where you've seen him before: As President David Palmer in 24, as Jonas Blane in The Unit, as Donald Breedan in the mob film Heat and as baseball player Pedro Cerrano in the Major League film trilogy

Michael Antwi — Sope Dirisu


Michael Antwi was a prominent, up-and-coming political activist calling for an end to racism in the police and justice system. But at the height of his career, he died in police custody. 20 years after the fact, can his close friend Maya uncover the truth of what happened to him?

Where you've seen him before: While he is an actor on the rise, you may have caught Sope Dirisu as Fred on the AMC drama Humans, or as a young doctor in the BBC mini-series adaptation of The Casual Vacancy

Paul Brightman — Derek Riddell


A long-serving undercover policeman, Brightman is a man on a mission, responsible for bringing Nick back into the fold once Maya is offered the chance to become DPP. He has secrets he wants to keep hidden – but just how complicit was he in the death of Michael Antwi?

Where you've seen him before: Derek Riddell has made his way around multiple British shows, but is best known for Channel 4 comedy drama No Angels. He's also played Richard Cawood in series one of Happy Valley and has guest starred in Doctor Who, Ripper Street and Ugly Betty.

Abigail Strickland — Leanne Best


A mysterious figure from Nick's past, Abigail Strickland is determined to reveal a truth that she has long held on to. But how far is Strickland willing to go to make sure that the facts are given to the public?

Where you've seen her before: Leanne Best played Jane Cobden in Ripper Street, Celia Donnelly in Fortitude and appeared as the titular role In The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. She also had a small role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has worked on Home Fires and Line of Duty.

Clemency Johnson – Tamara Lawrence


Nick and Maya's eldest chid is about to head off to study at Oxford. But at 19, she's more than aware of the changes in her parents' relationship and it's not long before she discovers the terrible subplot to her childhood.

Where you've seen her before: Tamara Lawrence makes her debut TV appearance in Undercover after graduating from RADA in 2015. She's recently appeared in the National Theatre production of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.

Dan Johnson — Daniel Ezra


The son of Maya and Nick, Dan has trouble understanding social situations and fears for the safety of his family on a regular basis. If Nick's secrets come to light, how are his family, especially Dan, going to handle the fact that he's been lying to them since the beginning?

Where you've seen him before: You may have seen Daniel as Joseph in the TV film Murdered by My Boyfriend, or as Alan Gill in the mini-series Prey

Ella Johnson


A bolshy teenager, Ella spends most of her time worrying about popularity and parties, but don't be fooled – she has a deep love for her family, too.

Where you've seen her before: Sharon is currently studying at Oxford University and is a member of the National Youth Theatre. Undercover is her television debut.


Undercover continues on BBC1 at 9:00 pm on Sunday 10th April