Meet the cast of The Secret Agent

The BBC’s new Sunday-night drama is an explosive adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s classic novel, with a stellar cast including Toby Jones and Vicky McClure


Toby Jones


Who does he play? Verloc, a businessman running a seedy sex shop in London’s Soho who is being secretly paid by the Russian embassy to spy on revolutionary groups.


Where do I recognise him from? Basically everything. He was in Frost/Nixon, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Hunger Games, and Dad’s Army. He was also the unmistakable voice of Dobby in the Harry Potter films.

What does he think of the part? “This guy [Verloc] seems so morally reprehensible, I will try and find where he is a victim, to try and find his vulnerability, to try and show that it’s not evil, it’s just that he doesn’t have moral facilities.”

Vicky McClure



Who does she play? Winnie, Verloc’s younger wife who married him not for love, but to provide a home for her mother and brother, and so they could all escape from her abusive father.

Where do I recognise her from? McClure is hot property right now. She is best known for her strong roles in Line of Duty and This is England, and is bound to bring some oomph to this role, too.


What does she think of the part? “I think I look like Nanny McPhee – I just need a mole! I loved the whole get up – the wig, the corset. It’s brilliant!”