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Meet the cast of Netflix's The Alienist

Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning lead the new period crime series

The Alienist (Netflix)
Published: Thursday, 19th April 2018 at 4:25 pm

Dakota Fanning is the NYPD's feisty lone female in lush new drama The Alienist, set in 1896 and based on Caleb Carr's 1994 novel. After the discovery of a gruesomely murdered boy, the cops allow an unconventional investigation featuring the pioneering psychologist of the title (Daniel Brühl) in what's essentially a standard "mavericks track a maniac" serial-killer story with period trappings.


Former child star Fanning and German veteran Brühl lead a strong line-up which also features Luke Evans and Brian Geraghty.

Find out everything you need to know about the cast of The Alienist below.

Daniel Brühl - Laszlo Kreisler


Who is Laszlo Kreisler? A progressive criminal psychologist, or “alienist”, Laszlo is on the hunt for the man responsible for a number of ritualistic child murders.

Where have I seen Daniel Brühl before? Brühl starred as Niki Lauda in Ron Howard's Rush, Frederik Zoller in Inglorious Basterds, Alex in Goodbye, Lenin! and Zemo in Captain America: Civil War.

Luke Evans - John Moore

The Alienist Ep 106 7/10/17 ALIENIST_S1_106_10.07.2017_083.nef

Who is John Moore? John is a New York Times illustrator (photography wasn't really a thing back then) and old friend of Kreisler's who gets drafted in to help track down the murderer.

Where have I seen Luke Evans before? The Welsh actor is best known for his roles as Owen Shaw in the Fast and the Furious franchise, Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, Vlad in Dracula Untold and Scott in The Girl on the Train.

Dakota Fanning - Sara Howard


Who is Sara Howard? Sara Howard is the first woman to secure a job at the New York Police Department, working as a secretary for commissioner Theodore Roosevelt.

Where have I seen Dakota Fanning before? Child star Dakota found fame in her early teen years when she was one of the most buzzed-about young actors in Hollywood. She made her name after starring alongside Denzel Washington in Man on Fire, Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer in I Am Sam, and Tom Cruise in Steven Spielberg's War of the World's adaptation. She has since played Jane in the Twilight series, and appeared in Effie Gray and The Runaways. Her younger sister Elle is also an actor.

Brian Geraghty - Theodore Roosevelt

The Alienist Ep 103 5/3/17 ALIENIST_S1_101_03.05.2017_236.nef

Who is Theodore Roosevelt? Theodore Roosevelt is a police commissioner and yes, he's the same Teddy Roosevelt who would become President of the United States in 1901.

Where have I seen Brian Geraghty before? Geraghty has previously starred as Agent Knox in Boardwalk Empire, Owen Eldridge in The Hurt Locker and Ken Evans in Flight alongside Denzel Washington.

Matthew Shear and Douglas Smith - Marcus and Lucius Isaacson

The Alienist Ep 104 5/17/17 ALIENIST_S1_17.05.2017_433.nef

Who are Marcus and Lucius Isaacson? Marcus and Lucius are twin brothers and NYPD detectives who are outliers in their ranks as supporters of Kreisler's forensic methods

Where have I seen Matthew Shear and Douglas Smith before? Douglas Smith played Alex in Miss Sloane and Gary in Vinyl. Matthew Shear is a mumblecore veteran, with roles in Noah Baumbach's When We Were Young, The Meyerowitz Stories and Mistress America.

Matt Lintz - Stevie

Matt Lintz in The Alienist, Getty, BA
Matt Lintz in The Alienist, Getty, BA

Who is Stevie? Stevie is Kreisler's driver and errand boy.

Where have I seen Matt Lintz before? Lintz starred as Matty Van Patten in Adam Sandler comedy Pixels and Eric Webb in Kill The Messenger alongside Jeremy Renner.

David Wilmot - Captain Connor

The Alienist Ep 103 3/17/17 3.24; 3.25 ALIENIST_S1_101_17.03.2017_316.nef

Who is Captain Connor? Connor is a fiery-haired corrupt copper.

Where have I seen him before? Irish native Wilmot starred as Sgt Donald Atherton in Ripper Street, and has appeared in Irish films Intermission, The Guard, '71 and Calvary.

Robert Ray Wisdom - Cyrus Montrose

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Who is Cyrus Montrose? Cyrus is Laszlo Kreisler's valet and bodyguard.

Where have I seen Robert Ray Wisdom before? He is best known for his role as Howard 'Bunny' Colvin in The Wire, and has starred more recently as Dennis in Ballers, Coleman Carlisle in Nashville, and George in Will Arnett's Netflix series Flaked.

Q'orianka Kilcher - Mary

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 11: Actress Q'orianka Kilcher attends the Diageo World Class Canada and Audi "Hostiles" premiere party during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Bisha Hotel & Residences on September 11, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Dominik Magdziak Photography/WireImage)

Who is Mary? Mary is Kreisler's mute maid, with whom he shares a special connection

Where have I seen Q'orianka Kilcher before? Q'orianka played Pochahontas in The New World and Kerrianne Telford in Sons of Anarchy.


The Alienist season 1 is streaming on Netflix UK NOW


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