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Meet the cast of Mother's Day

Vicky McClure, Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin star in BBC2's hard-hitting drama based on the 1993 Warrington bombings

Published: Monday, 3rd September 2018 at 5:07 pm

Following his critically acclaimed work on BBC1’s Broken, writer Nick Leather is back with a new serious and moving drama – based on the aftermath of the 1993 Warrington bombings.


Airing on BBC2, and running for 90-mintues, Mother’s Day will follow the lives of two mothers on opposite sides of the Irish sea, who are brought together in the wake of the two IRA attacks in 1993; the latter of which killed two young children and injured dozens.

Meet the main cast and characters below…

Vicky McClure plays Susan McHugh

Who is Susan McHugh? In the wake of the bombing in 1993, Susan McHugh – a then-37 year-old mother of three from Clontarf, Ireland – was so outraged by the two children killed in the attack that she organised one of the largest peace rallies in Irish history. She led thousands through the streets in protest at the continued violence of the Troubles

Where have I seen Vicky McClure before? Vicky McClure is fast becoming one of Britain’s prestige talents. Her breakthrough came as Lol Jenkins in Shane Meadows’ 2006 film This Is England, and its Channel 4 spin-off mini-series This is England 86 in 2010.

From then on she’s appeared in a range of top-flight British dramas, including 2013 ITV hit Broadchurch, and the 2017 BBC1 drama The Replacement. The role many will know her for, however, will be as DC Kate Fleming in gripping BBC crime thriller, Line of Duty.

David Wilmot play Arthur McHugh

Who is Arthur McHugh? Arthur McHugh is the husband of Susan McHugh. He is initially skeptical of Susan’s attempts to organise meetings and rallies against the bombings, but soon softens as he witnesses the fruits of her work.

Where have I seen David Wilmot before? David Wilmot is best known for his roles in 2014 film Calvary, and recent TV series The Alienist. He has also played parts in shows such as Ripper Street and Black Sails, as well as various other roles in Irish television and film.

Anna Maxwell Martin plays Wendy Parry

Who is Wendy Parry? Wendy Parry’s 12 year-old son Tim was killed in the 1993 IRA bombing of Warrington. As portrayed in Mother’s Day, the aftermath is a traumatic ordeal of grief for Wendy. Thanks to Susan McHugh’s efforts, the two strike up a friendship, and Wendy joins her quest for peace.

Where have I seen Anna Maxwell Martin before? Although Anna Maxwell Martin (right) has featured in a wealth of TV shows and film (including 2011 BBC1 mini-series South Riding, and the 2013 Oscar-nominated film Philomena), her most recent role as the long-suffering Julia in BBC2 comedy Motherland is probably her most recognisable role.

Daniel Mays plays Colin Parry

Who is Colin Parry? As the husband of Wendy Perry, Colin Parry took the lead in speaking out against the IRA attacks that killed their son Tim in 1993. He said that he hoped his son could become a symbol of peace.

Where have I seen Daniel Mays before? Although Daniel Mays has appeared in a range of films (including Dad’s Army and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), he is best known for his work on British TV. These include parts in Hustle, Ashes to Ashes, Doctor Who and Outcasts. But like Vicky McClure, he most recently made an impression as a tortured firearms officer in the third series of Line of Duty in 2016.


Mother's Day airs on BBC2 Tuesday September 3 at 9pm


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