ITV’s new four-part drama Tutankhamun, about Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of one of Ancient Egypt’s long lost pharaohs, comes with a fair few familiar faces attached.


Max Irons (Jeremy Irons' son) plays Carter, while Sam Neill (Peaky Blinders, Jurassic Park) plays the eccentric Lord Carnarvon, the man who funds Carter’s expeditions into the desert.

The story of King Tut is written by Guy Burt, the man behind Jekyll and Hyde, The Bletchley Circle and The Borgias.

Here are the cast and their bios...

Max Irons plays Howard Carter

Down on his luck archaeologist Howard Carter stumbles upon evidence of an undiscovered tomb of one of Egypt’s forgotten Pharaohs, Tutankhamun, right at the heart of the Valley of the Kings. Other archaeologists dismiss Carter’s theories as impossible.

Max Irons, son of actors Jeremy Irons and Sinéad Cusack, featured in 2014 Bullingdon Club film The Riot Club. You might also recognised him for his starring role in BBC’s historical drama The White Queen, where he played Edward IV of England.

Sam Neill Plays Lord Carnarvon

Privileged heir and fast living gambler, Lord Carnarvon is Carter’s patron and the man who makes their extraordinary discovery possible. After a devastating car crash, Carnarvon is ordered to Egypt for his health. But he’s soon bored of seeing the sights and hears about archaeologists digging for treasure in the Valley...

Inspector Campbell in Peaky Blinders, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in The Tudors – Sam Neill has a thing for great British drama. Oh, and you might have seen him in a little something called Jurassic Park...

His long list of career credits also include The Hunt for The Red October and Hunt for the Wilderpeople (the man's a fan of hunting, apparently). He’s also due to appear in Thor: Ragnarok next year.

Amy Wren plays Lady Evelyn Carnarvon

Carter meets Lord Carnarvon’s daughter Evelyn in Egypt when she’s just a teenage girl. It is Evelyn who plants the first seed in Carter’s head about the possibility of finding an intact royal tomb, forgotten by history.

When Carter meets Evelyn again, she’s no longer a girl. She’s blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Evelyn finds love with Carter: a forbidden love that crosses class boundaries, between two people who can’t possibly expect a future together.


You’ll have seen Amy Wren in series two and three of BBC’s barrister-based drama Silk as Bethany Brassington. She’s also appeared in Saxon/Viking series The Last Kingdom, Skins and true-story thriller film Uwantme2killhim?