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Meet the cast of Home Fires

Who's who in the second series of the ITV drama about the women who kept the home fires burning during the Second World War

Published: Friday, 22nd December 2017 at 12:18 pm

Laura Campbell (Leila Mimmack)

Laura's jealousy of her sister Kate's (Rachel Hurd-Wood) romance with husband Jack sent her into a destructive spiral as she embarked on an affair with married Wing Commander Richard Bowers in series one. Richard's wife spotted them together, though, and said she'd divorce him and name Laura as the co-respondant.


When Laura’s disgrace becomes public in series two, she is unwillingly thrust into the limelight, and
must work hard to rebuild her confidence and her reputa.on in the village.

The Brindsleys (Claire Price and Daniel Ryan)


Miriam (Claire Price) married butcher Bryn Brindsley (Daniel Ryan) when they were both just 19 and her asthmatic son David (Will Attenborough) was the apple of her eye before he headed off to war in series one.

The youngster disappeared leaving his parents devastated, and as series two opens they have new challenges to face. Miriam is desperate to prove David is still alive, while Bryn would rather focus on their future, and the baby his wife discovered she was carrying at the end of the last series.

Teresa Fenchurch (Leanne Best) and Alison Scotlock (Fenella Woolgar)

Widow Alison has been alone since her husband George died during The Great War in 1916 but her beloved dog Boris and schoolteacher Teresa (Best) have been great company.

Alison ran into serious trouble in series one when she got unwillingly involved in a profiteering scheme, forced to doctor dodgy books for corrupt businessmen. As series two opens, her future is still uncertain – she’s been arrested for fraudulent accounting, and must use all of her skills if she is to avoid a jail sentence.

Bright and brilliant teacher Teresa's past (she left Liverpool after having an affair with a female colleague) came to light in series one, but her landlady is the only person who knows about it. And that's why she's willing to take drastic steps to avoid jeopardising the new life she’s built for herself.

Isobel Reilly (Gillian Dean)


Blind since birth, Isobel has often found her lack of sight to be a barrier to progression in life growing up in the big city but when she moves to Great Paxford all that changes.

The opportunity to do some work on Steph’s farm provides her with the first money she’s ever earned and as the women admire her quiet confidence and resilience, some realise that they may be able to learn as much from her as she from them.

The Farrow Family (Chris Coghill, Clare Calbraith and Brian Fletcher)

When Stanley (Chris Coghill) went off to fight at the front he left devoted wife Steph (Clare Calbraith) – who had always been a powerful force on their farm – and son Little Stan (Brian Fletcher) to run the show. She began to discover female friendships at the WI, where she could be someone other than the fierce farmer's wife and those relationships are more important than ever now.

Series two sees Steph struggle to keep the farm going, while Stanley returns from the war. His experiences have consequences for his family, and the village. And for the first time ever, their marriage is shaken.

Claire Hillman (Daisy Badger) and Spencer Wilson (Mike Noble)

Expert flirt Spencer was utterly floored when he met Joyce's housemaid, Claire. And over the course of series one the pair found love.

But can they make it as a married couple? That's what we'll find out as series two opens.

Jenny Marshall (Jodie Hamblet)


Jenny runs the village telephone exchange with a perfectly manicured iron fist, until she takes a job
behind the bar at the mess at RAF Tabley Wood, where she is encouraged to take herself more seriously

Jenny joins the WAAF and trains as a Radio Operator at the station, directing pilots during sorties, and guiding them back to base. It is an intensely challenging and chastening experience, and it is here that Jenny is forced to
mature and see the world through others’ eyes.

The job challenges and changes her, forcing her to now earn the approval and admiration of others. As the war proves to be the destruction of many, it is possible that it could prove to be the making of Jenny

Nick Lucas (Mark Umbers)


Nick Lucas has been promoted in series two – from Squadron Leader to Wing Commander, which is no surprise to those who know him well.

He's still missing a partner though, maintaining that there's one person out there for everyone. Sadly for him, that one person is already married, and Sarah will never ever do anything to betray her husband, Adam.

Series two sees the airman searching for love in unexpected places, but will he find it?

Captain Marek Novotny (Alexandre Willaume)


Czechoslovakian soldier and bomb disposal specialist Marek fought his way across southern Europe with 3,000 comrades until he was rescued from the French coast by the Royal Navy, and brought to England to be stationed in Cheshire. In civilian life he was a schoolteacher who taught German, French, and remedial English.


He has a love of the arts and instantly strikes up a friendship – and more – with Pat, which becomes even more complicated when her husband returns injured from Dunkirk.


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