Julianne Nicholson has given fans a long-overdue update on the possibility of Mare of Easttown season 2, and it's not exactly the news many will have been hoping for.


Nicholson, who starred alongside Kate Winslet, Evan Peters and Jean Smart in the HBO crime drama, told People that she is "definitely not waiting" for a second season, but if the opportunity arose she would "definitely" reprise her role.

"It's not impossible," she said. "You never know."

But crucially, she would only be interested if "Kate was still Mare and Jean was her mum and Brad [Ingelsby] wrote it".

She added: "I'm definitely not waiting for it. I'm not losing sleep over it. But if that was happening and I was invited to join, yeah, definitely."

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Mare of Easttown saw Winslet return to TV drama for the first time in 10 years, in which she portrayed a small town detective struggling to balance her family life with an investigation into the murder of a local woman.

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In 2021, she teased what could happen in a second season of Mare of Easttown, but the following year she noted that "no decision has been made" on its future.

Kate Winslet Mare of Easttown
Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown. HBO HBO

"I don't know if I'm going to be playing Mare again," she told The Guardian. "But if we were to do a second season, then for sure these atrocities which have existed in the police force here and in America [such as the murders of George Floyd and Sarah Everard] will find their way into the stories we tell. One hundred percent. You can't pretend these things haven't happened."

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