ITV's detective drama Manhunt concludes its four-part run tonight, with Martin Clunes once again playing real-life London Met detective Colin Sutton.


Clunes reprises his role as DCI Colin Sutton in the Manhunt cast, following the success of the original Manhunt series back in 2019, which focussed on a different investigation.

The Doc Martin actor recently revealed that he found it difficult to return to the "gloomy headspace" required for the role and the series itself.

“It’s that responsibility of telling the story right, of not skewing it and just ­doing right by them," Clunes told the Daily Star.

“We know they are crimes that are solved but it does not stop you wanting to see the b*****d nailed. And that’s what these guys do for us, they nail b*****ds.”

Manhunt's first series proved to be one of ITV's most successful dramas of 2019, centring around the murder of French student Amelie Delagrange, which was subsequently linked to the deaths of Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler.

Series two, Manhunt II: The Night Stalker, sees Colin Sutton investigate the real life story of a notorious serial rapist who terrorised south east London, with writer Ed Whitmore adapting the series from Colin Sutton's diaries.

"The character is my idea of a version of Colin," Clunes explained. "There were no prosthetics like when Gary Oldman played Winston Churchill. I didn"t go for a photographic reproduction. It is just my version of Colin, which Colin told me his partner said I nailed, and said I was a better spoken, thinner Colin."

Here's everything we know so far about Manhunt II: The Night Stalker.

Manhunt season 2 release date

Manhunt: The Night Stalker premiered on Monday, 20th September at 9pm on ITV. The four-part drama will be stripped across the week, continuing in the 9pm slot on Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd.

Manhunt season 2 cast


Martin Clunes is set to return in Manhunt II: The Night Stalker as former London Met detective DCI Colin Sutton.

Claudie Blakley plays Colin's wife Louise, and you can check out the complete Manhunt cast for series two here.

Manhunt season 2 plot

Manhunt series 2

Based on a true story, Manhunt series two sees DCI Colin Sutton pursue a notorious south east London serial rapist whose 17 year reign of terror left thousands of elderly people fearing for their lives.

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Silent Witness's Ed Whitmore has returned to write the series, drawing on the diaries of the real-life Colin Sutton.

The first series of Manhunt followed Sutton as he tracked down serial killer Levi Bellfield, the man responsible for killing Amelie Delagrange, Marsha McDonnell and Milly Dowler in the early 2000's.

Manhunt season 2 trailer

You can watch the US broadcaster Acorn's official trailer here.


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