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Lucifer producers hint that police reform will feature in season 6, but COVID will only cameo

Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have teased what to expect in season six.

Tom Ellis and Lesley Ann Brandt star in Lucifer season five on Netflix
Published: Sunday, 23rd August 2020 at 11:00 pm

Lucifer season five was meant to be the end of the Netflix drama, but he's avoided eternal damnation for now and the producers are thinking ahead to the climactic final season six: expect police reform to figure heavily and COVID-19 to not.


Lucifer showrunner Ildy Modrovich and executive producer Joe Henderson spoke to Variety about season five (with Lucifer season 5 part 2 now dropping in May 2021) and the final season, revealing why the pandemic would only have a cameo in the series, which stars British actor Tom Ellis as Lucifer/Michael.

"Pandemic-wise, we might make some passing references to it, but we’re not going to make a meal of that," said Henderson. "We feel like that’s hopefully something that will be gone by then."

One thing Lucifer would focus on in season six is the world of the police procedural drama, he added.

He said: "That is something that we did a lot of soul searching on. We did have a lot of discussions about, and it’s very important to us to speak to the glamorisation of police officers and our place in that."

Modrovich didn't want to shy away from the difficult place that US police were in due to recent events, such as George Floyd's death.

She said: "It’s important to us that we examine it within our world, through our characters’ eyes, and see it fairly and emotionally, and not in any kind of preachy way... We did not want to pretend that our show doesn’t take place in the world of the police."

That would have been difficult to do considering Lucifer's girlfriend is LAPD homicide detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

The Lucifer producers spoke about the unexpected extra season when they had already scripted five as the finale.


Henderson said: “Thinking season five was the end was a bit of a gift, because we didn’t hesitate. We leave what we thought was everything on the floor. That’s what makes season five so powerful and so great, but also really challenged us to push even further in season six.”

Modrovich continued: "We were in the middle of actually writing the finale, Joe and I, when we got the official call, “Hey, what if there was a season six?” I was in the middle of writing Act Six, the last 10 pages of the episode. [Laughs.] I literally didn’t finish. It’s so funny. I was just right in the middle. But it ended up being a good thing."

The Lucifer producers where asked if the final season might extend to 17 episodes, thus reaching the Holy Grail of 100 episodes for the entire series.

While contractually unable to answer the question directly, Modrovich teased: "It’s a very good question. Conversations have been had."

Lucifer season five is streaming now on Netflix and is built around Lucifer being cast back in Hell while his twin, Angel Michael (also played by Ellis), appears on Earth to royally mess things up.

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