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Line of Duty series 3: did you spot the familiar name on Danny Waldron's list of Sandsview suspects?

The bloodstained note now sitting in the inbox of Line of Duty's Ted Hastings incriminates an old friend – and current suspect

Published: Friday, 14th July 2017 at 1:00 pm

Have you recovered from tonight's episode of Line of Duty? We haven't. But before Lindsay Denton met that horribly grisly end, she uncovered a copy of the list that Danny Waldron had left for DS Arnott – the one that was swiped by corrupt copper Dot Cottan before Steve could see it.


We'd forgive you for forgetting all about the internet cafe after those nerve-shredding final seconds in Dot's car, but it's worth taking a moment to examine the contents of Waldron's note and the targets listed on it.

You'll recognise a few names – Ronan and Linus Murphy, Dale Roach and, of course, Tommy Hunter – but now there's another that stands out.

Patrick Fairbank. His complicity was all but confirmed by yet another humdinger of an interview scene in which Ted Hastings and Kate Fleming skewered the former Head of Vice with an onslaught of evidence suggesting he'd been involved in the cover-up at Sandsview. Said evidence even included a photograph with real-life child abuser Jimmy Savile alongside fictional politician Roach.


Any eagle-eyed fans will know that clues to Fairbank's guilt were already in place for us viewers. Episode two – in which Dot first uncovered the list – gave us a fleeting glimpse of the bloodstained note with the former copper's name printed for all to see.

Of course, it meant nothing to us back then – it's only in the past two episodes that Happy Valley actor George Costigan has brought the corrupt copper to life – but with Denton's sacrifice, that list is now sitting in Hastings' inbox.


Surely it's only a matter of time before AC-12 have the necessary ammunition to nail him?


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