How much TV do you watch?

It depends on whether I’m working —at the moment I’m catching up on a lot, although I wonder where the tipping point will be when it comes to dark drama. I’ve had enough of watching women get abused. Oh, I forgot about Game of Thrones! Last year I went through all of it.


Would you like a part in it?

It depends on the part. I love Daenerys [played by Emilia Clarke], she’s awesome, but the amazing characters are all there already, and the rest are more... temporary! I feel like I’ve been quite miserable on telly lately so I would love to have a go at some comedy.

What do you find funny?

Catastrophe was incredible. It’s deceptively difficult to make something so sharp, that looks so simple — thank you, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney!

How many screens do you have at home?

Just a telly and an iPad. I prefer watching on TV if I can — my sofa is ridiculously sinky into-y — lights low, glass of wine...

Audience Award favourite?

Game of Thrones. It’s a totally encompassing, thematic, genius piece of television.


Who should win best drama series at Bafta 2015?

See the Baftas this Sunday from 8:00pm on BBC1