Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson walk the red carpet at Fifty Shades of Grey’s world premiere

With the film poised to hit UK cinemas this Friday, the stars and director of EL James' saucy story take to the red carpet in Berlin

After months of speculation, scandal and sweaty-palmed anticipation, the Fifty Shades of Grey film has finally seen the light of day. 


The big screen adaptation of EL James’ erotic bestseller got its world premiere last night at the 65th annual Berlinale Film Festival in Germany…. 

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson was clearly enjoying her moment in the spotlight. No word on whether she was more excited about the starry red-carpet event, the reviews or the fact she doesn’t have to do battle with Fifty Shades writer EL James again.

Well, at least not for a while, anyway… 

The franchise’s dedicated fans really were out in force, smartphones and well-thumbed photos of Jamie Dornan’s torso in hand… 

Dornan himself wasn’t looking overly happy about all the attention. But then, he was probably feeling a little on edge. He’s already been open about his fears concerning over-zealous fans at the premiere… 

Naturally the stars of EL James’ naughty novel got together for a less-than-steamy photo op. Who says these two aren’t totally at ease in each other’s company…?

Ah. Now, that’s more like it! 


Fifty Shades of Grey is in UK cinemas 13th February