When is Jack Ryan released on Amazon Prime Video? Who is in the cast?

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Tom Clancy adaptation starring John Krasinski


The Office’s John Krasinski makes his long-awaited TV return in August with Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan, a fast-paced drama adapted from a series of novels by Tom Clancy.


He stars as the titular action hero, a former soldier turned CIA analyst who gets thrust into action when he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication which poses a major threat to national security.

Find out everything you need to know about the drama below.

When is Jack Ryan released on Amazon Prime Video?

The 10-episode first season (the show has already been renewed for a second) arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 17th August.

Is there a trailer?

Yes. Watch as Ryan’s attempts to flirt with his former boss’s daughter Cathy (Abbie Cornish) are ruined by a helicopter arriving to take him away for action hero purposes.

Who is in the cast?

Fresh from releasing his directorial debut, A Quiet Place, earlier this year, John Krasinski leads the line in his first TV role since The Office.


The Wire’s Wendell Pierce stars as Ryan’s new boss, James Greer, with whom he immediately clashes upon his arrival at the CIA.

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan and Wendell Pierce as James Greer

Abbie Cornish plays Ryan’s love interest, Cathy Mueller.

Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller and John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

As for the bad guys: Ali Suliman plays Suleiman, and Dina Shihabi plays his wife, Hanin.

What is going to happen?

Jack Ryan, a deskbound CIA analyst, gets unexpectedly thrust into the field when his research turns up a paper trail of $9 million in secretive transfers linked to a terrorist cell in Paris.

While at first the US operatives think they have Mousa Bin Suleiman in custody, the jihadist is freed from prison in Yemen and sets about fulfilling his plot – with Jack Ryan hot on his tail.

The series moves from the Middle East to the United States via Paris and the Alps, with Amazon boasting a series “epic in scope and packed with action and digital-age spycraft”.

How can I watch Jack Ryan on Amazon?

The series will be available online via Amazon Prime Video, meaning anyone wanting to watch will have to be a Prime subscriber to watch. If you’re not an Amazon subscriber already, you can get it with a 30-day free trial.

If you’re a subscriber you’ll also be able to stream online or download the show your phone or tablet.


Amazon’s Jack Ryan arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 17th August.