I Am Ruth, the latest instalment in BAFTA winner Dominic Savage's I Am anthology series, sees the mighty Kate Winslet star alongside her daughter, Mia Threapleton.


Winslet is Ruth, a mother who becomes concerned for her daughter Freya (Threapleton) when she begins retreating into herself.

A first look at the drama hinted at the pair's rocky relationship and Freya's struggles with mental health, which has always been a cornerstone of Savage's female-led series.

Now, Winslet has opened up about what it was like working with her daughter and how it affected her boundaries as an actor.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Winslet said of working with Threapleton: “It’s a funny one, because the line between what’s real and what isn’t definitely becomes blurred."

She added: "Normally as an actor you can set yourself some fairly robust boundaries so that you are, to a certain degree, emotionally protected from what you sometimes have to deal with. But I knew that all those boundaries had to disappear on this.”

It appears that Threapleton had some boundaries of her own, however, which Winslet described as "brilliant".

“[Mia] wanted to feel really free and not watched or judged or helped, and actually that has been brilliant," she said. "Because of course, what I have been able to see as her mum is that she is staggering and that she doesn’t need any help from me at all.”

You can read the full interview and more in this week's issue of Radio Times.

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I Am Ruth will air on Thursday 8th December at 9pm on Channel 4.

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