After seven seasons, Elementary is drawing to a close. You can watch the last-ever episodes of the modern-day US take on Sherlock Holmes on Sky Witness over the coming weeks – plus, the series is available from start to finish, too.


There’s also plenty of behind-the-scenes content featuring stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu on YouTube, as well as a fan-made playlist with the series’ catchy tunes. You can access all these, and more Elementary content, via Sky Q.

How can I watch Elementary in the UK?

New episodes air on Sky Witness every Tuesday at 9pm.

With Sky Q, you can also access every episode of Elementary to date via Sky Box Sets.

What's Elementary about?

Think Sherlock Holmes with a twist. All the familiar Conan Doyle devices are there: complex cases, a super-smart (but socially inept) lead and a savvy doctor with a moral compass.

However, in Elementary the traditionally male characters of Watson and Moriarty are gender swapped and 221B Baker Street is found in New York, not London.

Who's in the cast of Elementary?

Jonny Lee Miller takes on the Sherlock mantle, while Lucy Liu plays former surgeon/sober companion/budding detective Joan Watson.


With Sky Q, you can easily find more brilliant TV starring the show’s big names, with voice control.

Just say "Johnny Lee Miller" or "Lucy Liu" into your remote, and Sky Q will guide you to more great content, like Charlie’s Angels on Sky Cinema. Easy!

What's the theme tune to Elementary?

The epic tune that introduces every Elementary episode is composed by Sean Callery.

If you fancy listening to it, as well as fan-made Elementary playlists, you can easily access Spotify and YouTube via Sky Q. Again, you can open them via clever voice control. And there’s no need to open your laptop or search on your phone if you want to delve deeper into the world of Elementary – experience it all on the big screen through your TV.


What other Sherlock Holmes adaptations can I watch?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a committed Sherlockian or simply looking for something to watch in the wake of Elementary’s finale. There are plenty of re-imaginings out there for you to enjoy all in one place on Sky Q.


The streaming service has its fair share of Holmes-inspired entertainment. All four seasons of the BBC fan favourite, Sherlock, are available to stream, as are the two Guy Ritchie films starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.


If you fancy something a little more classic, you’ll often find reruns of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on ITV4 or via ITV Hub. The series ran from 1984 to 1994 and stars Jeremy Brett, who many critics deem as the best Sherlock Holmes.

BBC iPlayer

All episodes of Luther are available on BBC iPlayer. Creator Neil Cross has said that John Luther is influenced by the iconic detective, so this gritty crime drama starring Idris Elba is definitely worth a watch for Sherlock Holmes fans.

Will there be another season of Elementary?

Season 7 will be Elementary’s final season. However, you can catch up on previous series of Elementary and find plenty of other Sherlockian adaptations all in one place, with Sky Q.