Home Fires has beaten off stiff competition from In the Flesh, The Musketeers and more to be named as the cancelled British TV show that viewers think most deserves to be brought back.


Over 16,000 people voted in a RadioTimes.com poll asking which axed show should get a revival; in the end, ITV period drama Home Fires won through, pulling in over a third of the total votes.

Which cancelled show should be brought back? Poll results

1. Home Fires, ITV

2. In the Flesh, BBC

3. The Musketeers, BBC

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Mark Bonnar, who starred as Reverend Adam Collingborne in the 2015 series, told RadioTimes.com that he would love to see the show revived.

“I was very sad when it was cancelled,” he said. “There is obviously a desire and a need for that kind of sadly underrepresented female-led drama on TV – and with a cast like that you can't really go wrong.

“It was telling a very important wartime story from a completely new perspective. People have seen a lot of wartime stories from the perspective of the men and this was new and refreshing and informative. I was very sad to see it go.

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“I’m keeping everything crossed that something will happen, I have no idea if it will but it would be lovely to see it back.”

Home Fires told the tale of a group of inspirational women in a rural Cheshire community during World War II. It starred a predominantly female cast including Francesca Annis, Samantha Bond, Claire Rushbrook, Fenella Wollgar and Leanne Best.

Both series one and two are currently available to stream on Netflix in the UK.


Runners up in the poll were In the Flesh, The Musketeers and Raised by Wolves.