Caitlin Moran has failed in her bid to crowdfund a third series of her Channel 4 comedy Raised by Wolves.


The deadline for raising the required £320,000 expired on Sunday, with the campaign raising £200,207 from 3,867 backers. This means that she and her co-writer sister Caroline were £119,793 short of the target.

Her Kickstarter page has recorded the news with the words: ”Funding unsuccessful”.

The normally loquacious journalist has been so far unusually silent on Twitter about the setback and was unavailable for comment.

But speaking to earlier this month she said: “Let’s just see if the fans do want it back and if they don’t, that’s democracy. No one has done this before, we are just crazy pioneers going, ‘Will this work…I dunno…?' “

Well now we do.

The campaign aimed to fund brand new material featuring the cast of Helen Monks, Alexa Davies, Rebekah Staton, Philip Jackson et al, in the comedy written by Caitlin and her sister Caroline Moran and loosely based on their early life.

It followed Channel 4’s decision not to renew the show after two series.

Those pledging money to the project were guaranteed a DVD or download of the new comedy, with fans already making pledges for extra goodies.

Rewards for backers started with a thank you message gif from Staton in the character of the show’s matriarch, Della, for those who pledge £5 or more. Other funding packages include £1,000-plus for a 30-minute Skype call with Moran and the chance to appear as an extra on the show for those paying £600 or more.

The good news is that Moran has many other projects on the go. As well as her journalism she is writing two films, including an adaptation of her bestselling semi-autobiographical novel How to Build a Girl.

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